My Life Scoop: Kitchen Gadgets + Apps

This warmer weather and all the produce about to hit the farmer’s markets has me ready to play around in the kitchen. So for this week’s My Life Scoop, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite kitchen gadgets – from the design*sponge favorite sponge (say that three times fast!) to the gadget that I’ve been dying for – a variable temperature kettle. The tea gurus at Bellocq have told me it’s the one thing that will make a difference in my tea. Click here for all the links and the full post! And let me know if I’ve left your favorite gadget off the list! -Amy Azzarito


Tia S.

Oh that teapot is now on my wish list. Having a variable temp makes it so much easier than trying to measuring it with a candy thermometer and not get steam-burned at the same time. And I’m smitten with the spout too… So much more perfect than most kettles or teapots.

One of my favorite gadgets is a flat whisk (like this: It is my go-to all the time!

Amy Azzarito

Ooooh, love that whisk Tia. And yes. I love the spout on that teapot. Saving my pennies! xoAmy

Amy Azzarito

@Junkdrunk – you need to follow the link to MyLifeScoop. Thanks! xoAmy


How to Cook Everything is definitely on my wishlist, so is Cook’s illustrated! The iPad has really become my favorite recipe/cooking tool. Any advice on other apps that give cooking advice?


lol I saw scrub daddy on shark tank and immediately wanted it. does it work as well as I think it does?