Maureen Meyer

I love discovering that an artist I admire lives right around the corner from me. After discovering that I basically share a bedroom wall with the amazing Faile Studio yesterday, I also found out that artist Maureen Meyer is a fellow Greenpointer. Originally from Germany, Maureen now calls Brooklyn home. Inspired by her background in fashion and textile design, Maureen creates beautiful paintings remind me of the incredible indigo dyeing we’ve been seeing in textiles for the past year or so. I love indigo in just about any form, but these paintings feel especially stunning to me. They capture all the color of the fabric with a bit more weight. You can check out more of Maureen’s work right here online. Fingers crossed I’ll bump into her transporting one of these around the neighborhood one day…xo, grace


woah, sorry, not on board with this one… looks like dental x-rays :/


I definitely agree with the other X-ray sentiments – which I personally find unsettling – but the complexity of the layering of shading and translucencies, and the resultant patterns are quite stunning and intriguing.


I realize u don’t have tons of space but if you mention the process a bit it is infinitely more interesting ! More on the WAY things are made Plse DS !! Thnx


all i can say is wow! haunting, mezmerizing, intricate, so unique