Julia Paul Pottery

Last weekend my mom came to visit me from Virginia. Like any good procrastinator, I decided to finish decorating and cleaning my apartment the two days before she got into town. For some reason I’m a very slow nester (when it comes to making a decision on furniture, etc.) and I always need a little deadline to get me moving. Sadly our girls’ weekend came to an end, but I’m loving the fact that my apartment is looking way better than it did before. It’s inspiring me to finally invite some friends over for dinner and a movie, so I’ve been eying a few new tabletop pieces for entertaining.

I’ve got a major soft spot for earthy pottery and, despite my small collection of Heath Ceramics, I’m always looking to add to what I already have. These beautiful pieces by Julia Paul are high on my wishlist. I love the ‘flow’ patterns she’s using on plates- they’d be beautiful for serving or eating and they feel both modern and rustic at the same. Julia is based in rural Virgina (yay VA!) but you can check out and shop her designs right here on Etsy (Prices range from $30 – $160 per piece). xo, grace

Alex M. @ Office Kitten

Beautiful combination of colours – is “rustic” the right word for it? They seem very archaic looking, in a good way. This reminds me – I really need to go out and buy some better pottery for my flat. I just have a selection of naff plates at the moment.

Deganit Gannon

This is real art! very fine pottery work and well expressed artistic ideas. Putting food in them will ennhance the good taste. Congratulations!