Join the D*S Team: 2013 DIY Interns

Please pardon this mini-interruption this morning with a little behind-the-scenes business, but I wanted to do a quick announcement that we’re looking for a DIY Intern! Now that we have an office, with a well-stocked craft closet, we’d love to a few more hands helping us make projects each week. We’re looking for a self-motivated, creative person (or a few people) who can help us execute some of the many projects that we produce each week. Styling and photography experience or skills are a plus! -Amy

  • Position: DIY Intern
  • Duties: Work with the Design*Sponge team to develop and execute DIY projects.
  • Payment: Stipend
  • Location: Must be in the New York City metro area
  • Time Required: Must be able to come into the Design*Sponge office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn one or two days per week.

If you’d like to join our team and craft with us, please email SUBMISSIONS AT DESIGNSPONGE DOT COM (subject line “DIY Intern ”) with a resume, cover letter and links or images to 3-5 recent projects you’ve made. If you currently run your own blog or write for another, please include that information.

Wioleta Kelly

I’d love to do it, but there’s one ‘but’… I live in Ireland :((( Anyway good luck to everyone who is lucky to live in NY :)
xox, Wioleta


Oh man, I would so love this… but the commute from Germany is a killer :) I craft with my mom via Skype all the time, but it’s not quite the same! Good luck on the search!


Yes, I would also love too. Is my dream to become a stylist and I wouldn’t mind moving but for now I live in Portugal so..


Alas like the others above I do not live in the area. I am living outside of Washington DC close to West Virginia. If you ever need remote worker elves think of us!


aww damn that i live in germany! but if you are looking for a freelance graphic designer/ illustrator .. get in touch with me ;))

or a long distance .. DIY .. woman .. hihihi :D


I also would love to… but I live in Switzerland :(
And by the Way… I LOVE this page and all the work you put in DIY :)
(If you want someday to make DIY trip to Switzerland ….I would love to invite ;) )

Emma Scott

I would also love to apply for this but I live in England!:( Would love to work overseas, maybe one day!

Ashley Koehler

Is this job permanent or just summer help? As others have also mentioned if you are every looking for helpers in Milwaukee/ Chicago areas would love LOVE! to help out as well. :)


I would love to as well, but like the others, the commute from Scotland would kill me

Grace Bonney


It’s temporary help for now. But our track record over the past decade has almost always been that interns become our new employees at some point :)


Grace Bonney


Yes, they’d need to be week days. And Hannah, yes, the post above mentions there is a stipend.


Ashley Koehler

Swoon! When will you stop accepting applications??


This would be fun but I live in the Philippines! :(


Ugh. That would be so great! If only NYC was an hour drive away from Manila. <3

Jessica Freed

Getting together my application email as we speak. Coming soon to an in box near you. Hah. Seriously though this would be a real dream come true.

Ariel Martin

Great news! I will definitely be applying. What an amazing opportunity!

Cindy V

I LOVE this!!! how many interns are you looking to have? I’m obsessed with this site and would be amazing to work with you guys, even if just as an intern. I’m always trying to do DIYs and feel like my apt is a big DIY project. This couldnt be more perfect timing for me right now. I will send my resume and info right away and hope I get lucky with you!

Amy Azzarito

Hi Cindy – We’re looking for two or three people. Look for to seeing your resume! Thanks! -Amy


Any positions for design sponge addicts in little ol New Zealand??

Blair Wilson

How exciting!! And in my local Greenpoint, to boot! I’m so excited to apply!


This is seriously my dream job!! I’m relocating to the NY metro area in 2 months…is that too late?!? Please say it ain’t so.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Ally –
Go ahead and submit your resume. Thanks! -Amy


Is it too late to apply for this wonderful internship. When is the closing date to apply?

Amy Azzarito

Hi Dianna –
We will still be taking applications next week. Please send your projects and resume. Thanks! Amy


Hello. Are there any DIY specialties that you are looking for? ie sewing, paper crafting etc.


Oh Team D*S! If only this was posted just a few months sooner! I leave NYC in May, not to return for a long time, and would be over the moon to have a chance at an experience like this.

Best of luck though to the (super) lucky 2013 intern crew – I know lots of us who wish we could join you! And I can’t wait to see what you create for the rest of us readers!


Hello, have the interns been pick yet? I submitted my resume last week and really hope I get the chance to work you guys! fingers crossed.

Ilisa Crosby

I’m sending you an email momentarily. This is my ultimate dream job, I’ve been waiting for so long for such a position to open!!!!

Ashley Koehler

Whew.. power outages the last few days with thunder snow storms but finally got a chance to get the home computer back up and sent! Can not wait to hear the results. :)


I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s articles or reviews all the time along with a cup of coffee.


Are you still taking applications for this internship? Has the position/s been filled? Thanks!


hello! are there any other positions open at the moment?!?!