Human/House/Harvey: White Out

It’s been a time to “freshen up” in my household over the past few weeks. From cleaning out closets and cupboards, to painting walls and picking new linens, I’m all about creating a fresh space for the changing seasons. This time around, I’m inspired by clean, all white looks. White walls. White linens. White wardrobe. Here are a few picks for myself, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey, that I’ve got my eye on this week. –Stephanie

HUMAN – You’ve gotta love it when you find an item that combines several of your favorite things. I this case, this Takumi watch pairs my love of geometric shapes with clocks with white. Superb!

HOUSE - There is something so lovely to me about a room solely lit by candles. So whenever I get the chance, I like to surround myself with beautiful candles and holders to match…like these amazing Jonathan Adler horn candle holders.

HARVEY – While the rugged leashes have their time and place in a dog’s life, sometimes I think it’s nice to get a little “fresh” with a clean and polished leash style. This white leash would be a great option.