Human/House/Harvey: Rainy Days

This surely has been a strange spring season around the US. Extreme heat in the southwest, snowstorms up north and flooding in the Midwest.  Mother Nature is certainly telling us something. I’m choosing to look on the positive side of things and hope that these April showers (in whatever form they come) will bring May flowers for everyone very soon. So this week I’ve rounded up some rainy day swag for myself, my home and my pup. -Stephanie

HUMAN – If I’m gonna have to trudge through the rain, I’d much prefer to envision the blue and white striped awnings  of a French Riviera beach cabana with this reminiscent Topshop scalloped umbrella.

HOUSE – I don’t think there is anything more appealing than wrapping up in a cozy throw blanket (this rainy day-themed Leif blanket is perfection), sipping on a warm drink and reading a book during a rain storm.  Magic.

HARVEY – My pup is a bit of a diva when it comes to getting wet.  He just won’t have it.  So when it comes to taking our daily walks on a rainy day, a raincoat is a must.  This Fieldwork Raincoat by Rover Boutique is a fun, but classic option.


This is kind of a weird post for earth day. I agree that it doesn’t serve us to be pessimistic about the clear signs of climate change happening around us, but the view expressed in this post is somewhat antithetical to the more sustainable and conscious mindset needed to change these abnormal weather patterns.
I’m a total fan of this site and appreciate all the creative work that is shared here.


This is just the cutest. I think I need that coat for my little Boyd, who is also a diva when it comes to any weather that isn’t sunny and 60 (which is hard to come by here in Minnesota!)


Hey Lindsay,

Thanks for raising your concern. In no way did I mean to make light of the climate change issues that are affecting our planet. I was just making note that spring is popping up at different times for all of us around the US and that I’m hoping that we all get to see spring flowers soon.

I really appreciate you bringing this up though, and I apologize if it came off offensive.



Not offensive!
thanks for your thoughtful response, Stephanie. You’re good.