Human/House/CAT: Feline Fine

by Grace Bonney

It’s about time cats got their own product column on Design*Sponge. I love Stephanie and her beloved Mr. Harvey, but every week I got a little sadder seeing a dog take top billing. So today we’re going to talk about the best way to show your love for cats: by wearing them, decorating with them and dressing them to the nines. I think cats are so beautiful that they transcend themes, so this week, cats are both the audience and the subject. I’m really hoping Turk approves of this post. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go twinsies with him for a long time. xo, grace

HUMAN — What I wear always comes second to keeping my cat well-dressed and cared for, but if I have a few minutes to spruce myself up, I like to proudly display my cat-love in one of Leah Goren’s cat tanks ($85).

HOUSE — You can never go wrong with a cat pillow. That’s just common knowledge. And these electric-colored cat pillows (also available in Persian and Tabby kitten styles) are great options ($30 each by Fauna).

CAT — Nothing’s too good for my cat, and well, sometimes he needs his own space. He’s got a number of pillows and seats at his disposal, but when the king of my castle demands a little extra room, this black and white cat pyramid does the trick ($32 at Furbish).

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