Human House Harvey: Fiesta

Human, House, Harvey, Fiesta
The first week of May is always a festive time. Cinco de Mayo is a particular favorite holiday of mine for not only does it coincide with my birthday, but it’s a holiday doused in gorgeous color! I’ve always loved traditional Mexican design and patterns, with their use of vibrant florals and geometrics, and the Cinco de Mayo celebration in LA is so rich in cultural pride and heritage. Needless to say, the start of May always has me thinking of fiestas and here are some goodies I might pick up for myself, my home and my pup as a little birthday present to myself! –Stephanie

HUMAN – Large patterns or graphics on clothing tend to frighten me off. (I never got into that whole “funny phrases/images on tshirts” craze.) But something about this Mexican scarf and crochet dress from Free People made me take a second look.

HOUSE – I’m a girl that love the details of life, and I think in any situation — wardrobe, decor, or entertaining — you should always consider the little details.  I think this vintage style pitcher is the perfect piece of flair for an outdoor party.

HARVEY – I’d love to have one of these vibrant fiesta dog bowls liven up my kitchen.  It’s just the right punch of color…like a party in a bowl!


I have that dress, it’s great but it’s from last year.