Heath Ceramics Summer ’13

I can’t seem to shake my blue/indigo obsession. I don’t know if it somehow reminds me of water and beaches and warmer weather- but I keep bookmarking, pinning and scooping up indigo-colored things like they’re going out of style. So I was especially happy to see that the new Heath Ceramics 2013 summer collection is full of saturated blues- not only in the form of pottery, but accessories and linens, too. I love the contrasting texture on those bud vases at the bottom the most- they remind me of the bottom of an old pool. Which, in my summer-starved mind, is the best thing ever. Click here to check out the new collection in more detail and here to shop online.

Photos by Jeffery Cross


indigo blue is my downfall too…i’m dreaming of a little outdoor space with lots of blue fabrics. and heath ceramics always manages to be spot on every season.


I love heath ceramics! They are so touchable… and offer a great color palette!