Furoshiki + Wrapping How-To

by Grace Bonney

As much as I love gift wrap, it’s nice to find a way to use earth-friendly wrapping whenever possible. You can always reuse old paper or magazines, but I love finding a way to wrap with a material you can easily use over and over. Fabric is my favorite material to work with, and Furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) have become wonderfully abundant on Etsy lately. One of my favorite shops selling Furoshiki is The Link Collective. Founded by two friends who originally met in Tokyo, they now collaborate with a network of artists and designers to create beautiful home goods. They’ve got a great line of Furoshiki right here that I’m eying, but they also carry a few accessories like bags, books and straps. And, if you’re not familiar with wrapping Furoshiki, Holly Westhoff did a great post with an easy-to-follow guide to wrapping just about anything with a Furoshiki (or similar materials like vintage handkerchiefs, etc.). This would be a great way to make a Mother’s Day gift extra special. Happy wrapping! xo, grace

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  • So lovely! I be-bopped around the web looking at other furoshiki sites and now I think my eyes might pop out from looking at all the wonderful patterns. Well, if they did pop out, I could wrap them up in a tiny furoshiki…

  • There are a LOT of places that sell Furoshiki wraps nowadays that are not on Etsy. I would encourage you to search around and see since there are some great designs out there.

  • I was given a few as gifts and didn’t know how to use them at first! Now I use furoshiki when I have to bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s or family member’s home. They don’t get to keep the furoshiki (I’m young and on a budget), but it makes for a nice presentation and makes transporting it easier. Furoshiki are also great for things like separating an outfit or clothes in a suitcase or gym bag. On a weekend trip, I’ll often use a furoshiki to wrap up my dirty clothes (it gets washed with everything else after the trip).