Every Day DIY: Violet Icecubes

Today we’re wrapping the week up with a DIY mini-series that will continue for the rest of the month. I love being able to share detailed and involved DIY projects on D*S, but sometimes you just want something quick and easy you can finish during the week, on your lunch break or while you’re catching up on a TV show. So every week for the next month we’re going to be sharing a project that’s simple enough for even the newest crafter to try- and complete- on a lunch break. Today I’m starting with something so simple and beautiful it almost makes me want to come up with a few more companion projects to create an entire violet-themed lunch spread. But if you’re low on time and want to spruce up your everyday lunch, this violet and viola ice cube project is fast, fun and looks like a beautiful garden party. It never hurts to add a little something special to your lunch routine to spice things up. Enjoy! xo, grace

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1. Dried edible violas or violets (or an edible flower/herb)- I used these from Terrain
2. Ice cube tray
3. Water


1. Fill your ice cube trays half-way with water.
2. Sprinkle the dried violets into each cube slot, dividing evenly.
3. Fill the trays up to the top with water and freeze.
4. Remove and enjoy them with your afternoon drink!


I have these growing in my backyard. I use them to float in fancy drinks and add to salads sometimes, but making ice cubes is a great idea!


I made these with violets from my back yard… and, well, in my ice cubes, the colors are far more washed out than in Grace’s pictures. Maybe there’s some kind of preservative on the dried ones? Mine look nice, and I’ll use them, but not nearly as pretty as these.

Grace Bonney

hi jennifer

i bought the pre-made/dried violas from the company i linked to above. it doesn’t list any preservatives on the ingredients list, but it’s possible. were your violets as vivid when you picked them- or did they fade after being frozen?


Celeste & Pearl

These are amazing!!! And they’re edible? Holy moly definitely have to try these. Thank you for sharing!!

LIz and Lo


Such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing! Perfect for a little warm weather entertaining! Thanks! Xx