D*S April Playlist: Cat Scratch Fever

No cat blog, new or old, would be complete with a playlist of songs to get you in the right frame of mind to truly love and appreciate cats. So to kick off this new age of DesignCat*Sponge, we thought we’d dedicate this month’s playlist to songs about, inspired by or dedicated to our favorite furry friends. From broody anthems by Sonic Youth and upbeat Le Tigre tracks to classics by Tom Jones, this is the only playlist a cat lover could ever need. Meow. xo, grace

*P.S. — These videos (Elbow + Superchunk) are my two favorite all-cat music videos of all time. Watch, enjoy and jam out. Cat Beyonce is awesome.

April Playlist: Cat Scratch Fever from designsponge on 8tracks Radio.

The full written track list is after the jump, and you can listen on RDIO here!

1. Squeeze — Cool for Cats
2. Tom Jones — What’s New Pussycat?
3. Ted Nugent — Cat Scratch Fever
4. Janet Jackson — Black Cat
5. Harry Chapin — Cat’s in the Cradle
6. Elton John — Honky Cat
7. Stray Cats — Stray Cat Strut
8. Hot Chip — Alley Cats
9. Guster — Carol of the Meows
10. The Cure — Love Cats*
11. Sonic Youth — Purr
12. Johnny Cash — Mean Eyed Cat
13. The Format — Does Your Cat Have a Mustache?
14. Mumford & Sons — Little Lion Man
15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Gold Lion
16. The Turtles — Cat in the Window
17. Poison — Look What the Cat Dragged In
18. The Coasters — Three Cool Cats
19. Le Tigre — Decepatcon
20. Deee-Lite — Pussycat Meow

*This song wasn’t on Rdio, so the Rdio version of our playlist uses The Cure’s “All Cats are Grey” instead.


Great mix! May I also recommend- song: Can Your Pussy Do the Dog by the Cramps, and video: Triumph of a Heart by Bjork. One of the great videos of all time :-)


I’d also like to add Animal Collective’s “Leaf House” on Sung Tongs. There’s an explosion of meows and kitties at the end! And I second the rec for Best Coast. What a cat lover!