DIY: Living Arrangement

by The Ladies of Foret

We like to think, “who doesn’t love getting flowers?!” But what happens once they pass?  We love incorporating living plants into some of our arrangements so that the joy of the gift can be more permanent. Here we’ll show you how to plant out half of a vessel and arrange flowers in the other half. The foliage of the planted element becomes a seamless part of the base of the arrangement for the flowers. Once the flowers go, you’re able to pop out the liner that holds the floral side and add in another plant alongside your original one. Hope you enjoy this creative way to give a gift that keeping growing. -the Ladies of Forêt

It was so lovely outside, we decided to take this project outdoors to enjoy the much anticipated warmth. We started with a wooden box as our vessel.

Materials & Tools:

  • small planter or pot
  • gravel for drainage
  • soil
  • small plastic liner
  • poultry netting or floral foam
  • greens & florals to arrange
  • clippers

1. We made a 1″ layer of stones to our wooden box to allow drainage for the plant. Since eventually the whole container will house plants, we began by treating the whole container the same. Notice we also used a plastic liner in our box to prevent leakage when watering and rotting wood.

2. Next, we added a layer of dirt and planted our fern to one side of the container.

3. Then, on the opposite pop in a small plastic liner and fill with water; this is where you will create your floral arrangement. For more control arranging the flowers use floral foam. Here you see we used poultry netting to create a small structure to work off of.

4. Start adding in your greens focusing on the perimeter of your container. Choose foliage that plays well off of you planted element. You don’t have to plant a fern either, maybe use succulents or cactus instead for a different feel. Think about who you’re giving this to and what type of light they have in their space. If they have a shady low light apartment, choose a fern or a small tropical; for a sunny loft take the succulent route.

5. Once your base of greenery is set you can start adding in your flowers. Pull away foliage on the stems of your flowers so that the greens aren’t sitting in the water and mucking it up! Think about changing up height the height of the flowers in your container for variation and interest.

6. All you’re done! Make sure to tell the recipient about their plant within the arrangement so they don’t dispose of it when they’re flowers start to go. And always keep fresh cut flowers out of direct sunlight to maintain longevity.






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  • That is such a good idea! I can’t believe I have never thought to do this! I buy flowers weekly at the market, and often they don’t last through the week. Such a smart idea to have a living base for your arrangement, im definitely trying this!

  • Such a great idea. I love giving plants as gifts, and this is the perfect way to combine some fancier colors with something that lasts longer too. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the idea of cut flowers and rooted plants sharing space! I recently unearthed 8 or 9 pieces of sterling and fine sterling silver of varying depths and size. Right away I thought a lovely repurpose of these pieces would be as herb or succulent planters. One or two of the pieces are pitted so I figured I would start with those as an experiment. Problem is I can’t seem to find anything on the internets about the safety and potential issues of planting in silver.

    Does anyone have knowledge to share about planting in sterling silver?

  • I can’t just “like” this… I just LOVE it. Gorgeous, clever, cost-effective and “cutting edge” fabulous. The Foret ladies are incredibly talented. Naturally) Can’t wait to do this. Thank you D*s for sharing your usual great finds!

  • I read this post a long time ago and came back to it today – I have a sweet client that wants to do a sympathy arrangement for a mutual friend, and wants to avoid the unfortunate irony of a sympathy floral arrangement that dies… with this – they have something that will live on after the blooms are spent. Thanks for the rad idea ladies!