DIY Ceramic Tag Plant Markers

I’ve had plants and gardening on my mind all week, so it only seemed fitting to roll up my sleeves and make a few garden markers of my own. I haven’t worked with sculpey clay since I was probably seven years old, so this project was both a blast and a great flashback for me. It took me only a few minutes to roll out the dough and cut it and after a quick trip through the oven, it was ready to use! These would be so fun as a house-warming gift for anyone with a yard or window garden, or as more substantial gift tags later in the year. The best part? It was under $5 to make- Happy planting! xo, grace

The full how-to is after the jump!


1. Sculpey Clay (I used one small pack)
2. Tag-shaped cookie cutter (we used this one)
3. Wire for use as a stake
4. Rolling pin
5. Chopstick or bamboo skewer
6. Letters (optional) for spelling names (We used these) * You can also just use a skewer to write


1. Roll your clay to about 1/4 inch thick
2. Cut a badge shape out and lay it flat to rest.
3. Using a bamboo skewer or the edge of a chopstick, poke a small hole at the top (for the wire, after it cools)
3. Place on a wax-paper lined sheet and bake, following the clay package instructions.
4. Let dry, loop a bit of wire through like a hook and place in your planter!

Tags, ready for the oven


Fun project, Grace! I wonder if you could you that homemade clay that you bake? Not sure if that could stand up to the elements or not. Thanks for the DIY inspiration!


Love this project! But what type of stamps did you use for the letters? I am trying to decide whether to get metal letter stamps or rubber letter stamps for various projects.


Am I missing something? What can I use to make the type on it?

Elle A.

Lovely! And what did you use for the lettering? Rubber stamps?


Thank you! Drat, it’s a third type of stamp! Maybe metal or rubber stamps would work too and I could just pick one…


I have made lots of tags using sculpy. I have just finished a batch for my spring sale this weekend. You can use any kind of stamp, rubber or metal. If you want to add a little something extra you could even add picture stamps like birds, fllwers or bees.

Kathy Richardson

If you are using these outside you might want to coat them with a spray sealer such as Pym II or Krylon sealer. In fact, if you use them inside sealing will help them stay cleaner as you can simply wipe them with a damp cloth and dry.


I read that it isn’t a good idea to use your regular oven in which you cook food when you bake the Sculpey clay. Do you know if this presents a hazard? Also, where did you get the wire and what gauge is it? Thanks!


totally doing this but making the clay shaped like a stake so i don’t have to add wire. that way i can just stick it in the ground. great idea!


These are really nice but…. I’ve made these and used in my garden,only problem is the weather will eventually make them almost desinigrate.Fall apart.. I took mine in at end of season and brought back out next season…. So, just to let you know.. I also covered with poly 2 coats..


Just a word of advice… I emailed Sculpey and asked what to seal them with for outdoor use. I specifically asked about a spray sealer. The response was that *if* I wanted to seal it, I should use a Sculpey glaze or another glaze that is specifically made for polymer clays, as spray sealers and polyurethane will eventually break down the polymer and make the project sticky. Sculpey said that a glaze was not needed as the baked clay should be waterproof, but if I painted it, I would need to glaze it to make the paint waterproof.