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DIY Ceramic Tag Plant Markers

by Grace Bonney

I’ve had plants and gardening on my mind all week, so it only seemed fitting to roll up my sleeves and make a few garden markers of my own. I haven’t worked with sculpey clay since I was probably seven years old, so this project was both a blast and a great flashback for me. It took me only a few minutes to roll out the dough and cut it and after a quick trip through the oven, it was ready to use! These would be so fun as a house-warming gift for anyone with a yard or window garden, or as more substantial gift tags later in the year. The best part? It was under $5 to make- Happy planting! xo, grace

The full how-to is after the jump!


1. Sculpey Clay (I used one small pack)
2. Tag-shaped cookie cutter (we used this one)
3. Wire for use as a stake
4. Rolling pin
5. Chopstick or bamboo skewer
6. Letters (optional) for spelling names (We used these) * You can also just use a skewer to write


1. Roll your clay to about 1/4 inch thick
2. Cut a badge shape out and lay it flat to rest.
3. Using a bamboo skewer or the edge of a chopstick, poke a small hole at the top (for the wire, after it cools)
3. Place on a wax-paper lined sheet and bake, following the clay package instructions.
4. Let dry, loop a bit of wire through like a hook and place in your planter!

Tags, ready for the oven

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