Daphnis and Chloe

I’m a sucker for good packaging, especially when it’s encasing something delicious I can eat. Andrea Wyner sent me an email to tell me a friend of hers had started a “lovely herb company” that scouts and sells incredible herbs from Greece. Focusing on four main herbs (sage, oregano, thyme and bay leaves), Daphnis & Chloe sources from some of the finest small-scale culinary herb growers in Greece. I would love to taste these in person, but the packaging caught my eye, too. I love how simple it is, with just a little bit of graphic detail added in for fun. These would definitely be something to save for a special occasion, or a dish where you really wanted the herbal component to shine. Click here to check out Daphnis & Chloe online and to place an order. Thanks, Andrea! xo, grace

Alex @ Office Kitten

We have a brand in England called TeaPigs who do striking designs like this. Sadly, as I’m a pedantic so-and-so, I don’t buy their teas as they’re not organic. I feel pretty bad about this, but the organic ones I buy are also Fair Trade. So I feel better. These are amazing, though, and it reminds me I need to get some herbs for my kitchen. Have a great weekend, DesignSponge!

Elizabeth Atkins

LOVE! I’ve been designing some packaging for a client and these totally inspired me. I adore the little repeating pattern graphics on the side. Really cute. Also love the lunch bag with a twist sort of feel to these. Beautifully designed!

Daphnis and Chloe

Dear Grace, thank you for the lovely post! Regarding the comment of Alex above, most of the herbs that our farmers produce or collect from the wild are certified organic. Still, there are some suppliers who -while making spectacular products- are too small to afford the expenses of organic certifications. But this doesn’t mean that their herbs are less good – the opposite! They are more than organic! They are pure and totally natural and so good for you! So we thought, why cut them off? It would be unfair! We hope that those farms will grow with us and that in a year or two, they’ll be able to pay for certifications. And guys, we are currently running a campaign on Kickstarter. It ends on May 7th and we have reserved many rare herbs which are available in tiny quantities! Only nine days are left! Spread the word or go and get them! :)
We’re so happy that you like what we do.
Daphnis and Chloe


This is amazing design. It’s doing its job, making me want to buy it! Super creative.

Miss Heliotrope

Organic but with air miles…

Cute name though – not enough ancient greek couples start businesses.