Cloud Softlight

I will never forget the first time I saw a product designed by Molo. It was their incredible glass tea system and Softwall back in 2005 and I wrote about them like crazy. I’ve been following them loyally since then and have been so happy to see how successfully they’ve expanded to include a huge range of furniture and lighting. They recently added a new series of lighting that I absolutely love- the Cloud Softlight.

I love any furniture that can successfully look light and airy while still being functional, and these lamps do that with ease. I really like the contrast of the white textile top with the minimal wooden bottom and think they feel modern enough for a contemporary home, but simple enough that they wouldn’t stick out in something a bit more traditional. Both the tabletop and floor models are now available at Molo’s online shop, which you can check out right here. I’ve got the floor model bookmarked for one day when I’ve got a home of my own. xo, grace


I like the soft lighting, but I’m afriad the cloud is too fragile for my house of 6. Those “soft walls” however, could make play time really fun!