Char-Bea by Ashley G

by Grace Bonney

Ashley G is one of my favorite artists and people, period. I’ve been following her since her early Etsy success back in 2007 (the bearded men!) and was thrilled to get to know her better when I was living in Portland a few years ago. She is as delightful, smart and creative as her work would suggest and I’ve been so excited to see her expand her pattern work lately by partnering with some larger brands. My favorite project of hers right now is Char-Bea by Ashley G, a colorful collection of bedding, rugs and curtains being sold at Urban Outfitters. For me, Ashley’s biggest talent (among many others) is her way with swaths of color. She combines color so well to create cheerful designs that are perfect for bedding. I love these pieces above and below, but you can check out and shop (prices range from $39-$110) the full collection right here. Congrats, Ashley! xo, grace

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