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Biz Ladies: How to Get a Facebook Ad Campaign Up by the End of the Day

by Stephanie

Biz Ladies, Katrina Padron
Today’s Biz Ladies post comes to us from previous contributor Katrina Padron.  Katrina is CEO of Padron Social Marketing, a boutique online and social media agency with a simple truth: you don’t need fans, you need customers. Each week she publishes an article called “Social Strategy Sessions” to help business owners use social media and online marketing to increase sales. Today she is sharing her expertise in the field with an easy guide to launching your own Facebook ad campaign.  Thank you, Katrina, for offering this detailed explanation! –Stephanie

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Not a day goes by that I don’t hear how Facebook can help you spread your message and grow your company.  The challenge is that building a targeted audience takes a long time.

Without the proper tools it’s as slow as molasses.

Facebook algorithms are constantly changing and they are rolling out new, different and faster ways for us to build a community, but at first it can be overwhelming.

I have simple advice that’s tried and true for businesses who need and want to build a loyal following quickly and on a tight budget. I‘m a believer in Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads put your business in front of your target in a place where they are already spending their time, you can craft your ads to reach your ideal audience based on their interest and grow a fan base of ideal customers/clients.

To start, write a couple ad versions.  The key elements of the post should be: a title with less than 25 characters, the text should be 90 characters or less, include a call to action like “click here” or “sign up now.”

Then, go to www.facebook.com/advertsing and click “Create an Ad.”

Biz Ladies, Katrina Padron

When creating an ad, I use promoted posts a lot but for the purpose of getting more fans click the circle for “Get More Page Likes.” It’s confusing…I know but Facebook sets up your ad differently depending on which you choose.

Paste your ad headline, your text and insert your image.

Check the box that says “Shows stories about people liking your page.” Prospects will see when their friends interact with your ad too.  Meaning, if their friend likes, comments or shares your post then the friend who you are targeting will also see that.  This will give you more credibility and it will make it more likely that your prospect will engage with the post.  I love this because it makes social media even more social!

Biz Ladies, Katrina Padron

Next, select the basic demographics of your ideal target person: age, gender, geographic location.  The more specific you are with your targeting, the better your results will be.

Here’s my favorite part of Facebook Ads….the precise targeting.

Precise Targeting gives you the ability to laser target your ads.  Yes, there are 900 million people on Facebook, but the truth is not all of them are you target audience and if you are paying for ads, you only want to pay when your ideal target audience clicks on that ad….not when anyone in the world sees your ad.

I’ll give you an example of Precise Targeting.

Say I am selling baby clothing.  I’m likely selling to moms with young children.  So here’s what I do.  Brainstorm a list of all of the things moms with young children may have “liked” on their Facebook Profile: Parenting Magazine, Parents Magazine, American Baby Magazine, Baby Center, Prenatal Yoga, What to Expect When Expecting, Childwise Baby Books, Graco, Pottery Barn Kids, Babies R Us, Babee Talk….the list goes on….put as many as you can think of.  This will make it so the moms you are targeting have to like one of the above things in order for them to see you ad.

Let’s try a different example.  Say you are a graphic designer and your target is branding agencies and pr firms who could outsource work to you.  You’ll target things like this: PRSA, American Marketing Association, Colorado American Marketing Association, AdAge, Marketing Power, Seth Godin, Mashable, Social Media Today…etc.

The key is to figure out what magazines your target reads, where they go for coffee, what tv shows they watch, what books they read, what celebrities they follow and what brands they love.

Biz Ladies, Katrina Padron

Once you have precise targeting complete go to Campaign, Pricing and Schedule.  Give your campaign a title.  Then, set your budget.  We would all dream to have ad budgets like Coca Cola, but we don’t.  The good news about Facebook Advertising is that you can set you Lifetime Budget for each campaign.  If you set your Lifetime Budget for $200 then Facebook will stop the campaign at $200 so you don’t go over.  Next, select your date range.  Always choose a short timeframe of about 3 days.  Ads that run longer lose their fresh appeal and do not perform well.

Last, click the link that says Switch to Advance Pricing. Then click Optimize for clicks and manually set your bid.  If you are targeting women an average bid is about 50 cents and if you are targeting men an average bid is a little lower (about 40 cents).

Biz Ladies, Katrina Padron

Click place order.

In a few hours, usually less, Facebook will email you to let you know if your ad is approved. Most ads will be approved, but if it isn’t Facebook will give you the reason and you can go in, make that change and re-submit your order.

If you’d like to dig in more to learn more about using online marketing and social media to increase sales click here.



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  • Wow, great info! Seems easy enough. I would have loved to learn more about the Optimization choices and Pricing.

  • what happens when the clients buying your art are approximately one age, but your FB audience is much younger (according to stats)? And how the heck do you figure out what they are watching or what activities they like best? sounds like a huge guessing game!! very confused who to target…that’s why i have put it off!

  • It is so generous of you to share such marketing information without charging a fee. I am trying to find a voice of reason and when I am ready to reach out to a broader audience, this info will come in very handy. Thanks!

  • Just set up my first Facebook ad because you made it look so easy – both the specify the audience AND to control the budget. I’m just dipping a toe in the water. But thanks!

  • Thanks so much for sharing your tips, Katrina! I have a question. I read somewhere that the “Precise Targeting” on Facebook doesn’t allow you to target people who liked specific pages. So, if you have a baby clothing store, you wouldn’t be able to target your ads to people who liked the “Babies R Us” Page (or the Parenting Magazine page, or any other page), because that would allow your competitor to target ads directly at your Page’s audience. So the “Precise Targeting” targets people who stated specific interests in their profile, rather than the Pages that they liked. Have you found this to be true? Since people rarely express affinity for brands by stating them on their profile (you might like the brand page, but you wouldn’t write that you are interested in “Babies R Us” under your interests), do you think it would work to use keywords or phrases, like “spending time with my kids”, if you’re targeting parents, rather than using brand names? Thanks!

  • I was able to jump about 300 likes in a week; my ads were very specific, and since stopping the ads, I’ve only lost 2 likes. At first I wondered if this was a legit way to get actual followers, so thanks for affirming that for me!

  • This is so on-target and helpful, Katrina, thank you! Like Suzi, I have dipped my toe in the water, but I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was doing. Thank you for laying it all out so clearly–I can’t wait to get started!

  • Great advice, thank you so much. I have a quick question about budget. Have you found that you need to spend a certain baseline amount to see results? I’m wondering if a small budget of $20-$30 would have any effect.

  • This was very helpful, thank you! I am wondering why Facebook advises that if you are doing an ad to get Likes that you should chose to pay for CPM’s and not CPC’s. In FB’s Help Center for Costs & Budget it says “When you pay for clicks, your ad will be shown to the people who are most likely to click on your ad, but who may be unlikely to take any other action such as liking your Page, engaging with a Page post, installing your app, using your app or joining your event.” Why do you recommend choosing CPC’s then? And if you don’t reach your Lifetime goal do you still pay that amount or only for the impressions or clicks your ad receives? Thank you!

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