before and after

Before & After: Sheena’s Dresser + Leopard Drawers

by Grace Bonney

This before & after is a dresser makeover with a little surprise. On the surface it’s a simple paint and hardware switch (which looks nice and clean), but the part that I love the most is waiting inside. Sheena from Modern Missus was originally going to paint the inside of her dresser drawers with leftover turquoise paint, but decided to take a little inspiration from her own two hands- literally. After drawing leopard prints onto her nails, she decided to use a few sharpies and recreate the pattern on her drawers. The result is a great bit of pattern and a wonderful compliment to the neutral grey on the dresser’s exterior. Great job, Sheena! xo, grace

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  • LOVE the fun touch of the leopard print on the drawers. However, not a fan of gray painted furniture… reminds me of institutional furniture. But I’m sure it’s just me!

  • The leopard print is fun! It’s not a print I’d paint myself but it’s certainly an inspiration – could draw on flowers instead or whatever suits other people better!
    The shade of grey is unfortunate but maybe it’s the owner’s most favourite colour in the world ever, in which case go forth and paint everything grey in your house if that’s what rocks your world.

  • I really like that grey colour, this piece of furniture looks so much better in the after picture. I am not the biggest fan on the leopard print though, but that’s personal opinion, I would love to experience with other patterns !

  • any idea on what type of paint finish they used on the dresser? I have a similar dresser I would love to paint white but I’m not sure what paint finish I should use.

  • It looks good but I’m sorry it’s a crime to paint such beautiful wood. I simply don’t understand why people do this. We take beautiful old furntiure hand crafted and ruin it by slopping on some paint.

  • Totally agree with Brett, it’s the same as if you would paint a table made of marble.