before and after

Before & After: Decorative Paint Details

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes a quick and easy paint makeover is all I need to remind me that it doesn’t take much work to give a piece of furniture (and a part of your home) a new look. I get into ruts with corners of my home and give up on trying to figure them out too often. But these two makeovers are great reminders that for the cost of a few cans of paint you can get a totally new feel on most pieces of furniture. This first project is from Justin Pape. Justin and his girlfriend moved into a new place and were given an old patio set. Justin decided to give it a second chance and brighten up their front porch area at the same time. After cleaning and sanding each piece, orange, turquoise and red paint was added. For the table, Justin used one of his own geometric designs on the top, leaving negative space for the original table wood to show through. I love the final look and the fact that they painted the BBQ to match. Great work, you two. Meg’s side table makeover continues after the jump… xo, grace

But this sweet little makeover from Meg McAllister is a great example that some paint detailing and new hardware can make a corner of your home feel totally updated. Meg found this table at a thrift shop and wanted to keep the natural wood, but update it slightly. Using knobs from Anthropologie, she added a layer of white paint to the top portion of the desk and voila– a whole new look and feel. Thanks for sharing, Meg! xo, grace

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  • These are both really great. I love how Meg styled this corner too. Would love to see a home tour from her.

  • I love the color scheme in the top before/after – perfect for summer. It reminds me of the exterior mosaics by Kathy Richardson on CustomMade!

  • I love that print that’s hanging above the table. can you tell me where it’s from?

  • I’d love to see a Sneak Peak of Justin’s home! (Is that creepy to say)? He’s an incredible artist. I’m lucky to own one of his pieces and it’s my favourite thing in my home. So this is an official nomination, DS!

  • So happy to see other people liking the table! It was great weekend task and has turned a bunch of heads and got me looking to do more!

    Joyce: In my studio I have a plotter. It allows me to print out designs as decals. I design the image, bring it into Adobe Illustrator and have it cut out of sticker which i then applied to the table after sanding and cleaning! Perfect lines everytime!

    Leigh: I would love to show a picture, but right now its nothing special. Since we recently moved we have not gotten around to painting or doing other little things to make it reflect us!

  • Glad people like the table! It sat unpainted for a couple of months before I could decide how I wanted to paint it (and took an hour obsessing over knobs at Anthropologie), but I’m in love with the results!

    Donna, thanks! Would love to show a home tour. Moved to a 1920’s house on Long Island after living in Design Sponge’s neighborhood of Greenpoint for 10 years, and have been enjoying the work-in-progress of decorating and updating.

    Rebecca, the ‘print’ above it is actually a painting by my husband, Brian Hogan. My husband and I are both artists (I also teach middle school art) and a lot of our artwork tends to dictate the colors we choose for our home http://www.behogan.org/

  • Hi Meg! Could you tell what kind of white paint you used on the table? I’m having trouble finding the right glossy white for vintage wood furniture refinishing. Thank you and love your project!

  • Wow, I’m looking for a similar table. Where did you happen to find this one? I’d also love to know what paint you used. Thank you! Really nice job on that table!