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Before & After: David’s Blue Floors

by Grace Bonney

We’ve been feeling the color blue in a BIG way lately. From my Current Obsession with indigo to Amy’s Past & Present on the history of the color, blue has definitely been our color of the moment. So when I saw this makeover from David Ledger in Long Beach, I was hooked. David just redid his kitchen/dining room floor in a beautiful range of blues. In addition to redoing the kitchen’s cabinets and hardware, David removed the existing flooring until they hit the subfloor. After evening the floor, he created a slatted floor design (using tempered masonite) that used seven different colors. He’s still finishing the moldings around the edges, but I couldn’t resist sharing this in it’s 90% finished form. Those colors are just so pretty. There are more photos and the full list of blue paint colors after the jump. Thanks to David for sharing this with us! xo, grace

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From David: We wanted to try something more creative than what was comparable in our price range from a store, so I decided to create a large slatted floor design with a 7 color pallet. I bought 4’x8’x’1/4″ tempered masonite and ripped it into 6-1/2″ x 8′ slats, routing a 45 degree 1/4″ chamfer (beveled edge) around the top edge of each piece. I used a finish nailer and adhesive to nail the boards down, then primed, painted with a gloss finish and then used a water based clear coat on top.

Paint Colors Used (They were all Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot):

530F-7 Rain Storm
530B-7 Riviera Paradise
500B-7 Tucson Teal
500B-6 Peacock Feather
500B-5 Mermaid Treasure
730C-3 Castle Path
730C-2 Sandstone Cove

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  • I am not a fan – something about the ultra modern look of the flooring and semi-conservative standard cabinets and everything else. Cool idea but I don’t think it is working, though as long as the guy loves it, who cares? right?

  • I think opposite, it is a fun, cheap, easy way to brighten up a dull, traditionally styled home. Sometimes you can’t afford to replace all the cabinets and such, but getting rid of old carpeting can be essential to better health and allergy issues.

  • I think it looks sort of drab, but if they updated the lighting (some pendants rather than a fan) and some halogens around the work spaces it could be cool. Undercabinet and upper cabinet lighting can go a long way too. A backsplash, and taller upper cabinets that reach ceiling height.

  • Wow all that negativity! This design is less about what I would so and more about how interesting and visually a floor can become! I may not pull it off at hone but I appreciate the paradox of tranquility an vibrance this endeavor offers. Well done David. I can’t stop staring:(

  • I think it’s cool and unusual, but I wonder about those little 90 degree beveled grooves….. will they be awful dirt collectors? I think I’d have preferred the edges simply butted up against each other. I love that folks are looking at alternative ways to floor their homes.

  • What an inspiration! I love the use of masonite and imagine the impression will only improve with a little wear. I’m thinking it might be interesting to cut the masonite into tatami mat sized pieces, paint them in colors inspired by your project and lay them out in traditional tatami patterns on my cement floors. Thanks for the great idea! I just love it.

  • This is a really cheery, happy welcome to a kitchen. Especially in the blah mornings an how cool this would look on hot summer days! How fun! Life is short, thinking outside of the box here was a good one without being overpowering! Great job. Gets my gears going.

  • Divine! What a fun way to inject some depth and color into the kitchen. It’s a bit above my DIY skills so I’ll merely gaze in envy.

  • I would have this floor in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!! The color choice is absolutely gorgeous. It’s bold and delicious.

  • Super risky! I love it. Resale value of house is challenging, but if it makes you happy… My concern is regarding the yellow curtains in some of the “After” pictures. I personally think that a punchy floor is better served by more neutral surroundings (just as you did with the cabinetry).

  • LOVE the modern look of this floor — and the mix of blues really is amazing. He deserves applause for the idea, and the execution — that couldn’t have been an easy job painting all the slats once they were down. Thanks for sharing!

  • Fabulously creative. If you told me about it, I’d probably not want it, but when I see it, I LOVE IT! Guess why people like David are the creative geniuses, not me.

  • Ooooh. Love it. I can never have too much blue around. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I think it looks pretty cool. I wonder how the painted masonite will wear? Right now it looks so smooth and shiny. I love the idea of DIY floorboards… would also love to see a how-to!

  • I placed my comment in the tweet section. I have never tweeted.
    I love this idea, David. However, it seems like a huge amount of work to rip, router, and champher and then paint all of the different colours. The end result is brilliant!!!!

  • I actually like the finished look. It’s fun and modern (though not really my style).

    I would have preferred that they sand and refinish what looks like beautiful narrow strip original hardwood floor, though. The other sad part is that if the next owners want to redo the old floor, having glued down the Masonite will likely damage the wood (and make the job a total nightmare).

    Also, that 1/4″ bevel sounds like it will trap a lot of dirt and crud between all the boards.

  • I’m not feeling it, I’m sorry to say. That said, I can see a lot of thought, planning and man hours has gone into this project and what an end result! Not to my taste, but well done on a professional looking finish.

  • This is amazing, am very keen to try it. Did yo just paint over your kitchen cupboards?

  • I wish I could attach a pic of our kitchen splashback. The same blues but glass tiles. I might not choose it for a floor, but I love that someone else was bold enough to!

  • I like the different shades of one primary color over painting multiple colors. I could imagine this floor be good for a kids bedroom.

  • Seriously Nicole, “semi-conservative standard cabinets.” did you really say that?

  • I really like this idea, but think I’d like it even more if the boards were about half their current size. But considering how much work went into this floor as it is, that probably would have increased the workload even further.

  • LOVE this! I love that it is creative and brave and very reminiscent of kitchen/sunroom floors of the 50’s – Well done David!!! I am renting, but the kitchen floor is a wreck… wonder if the landlord would go for this? It is a 50’s house I’m in after all… I was thinking yellow, white, black and grey

  • I love the color and finish on this floor!!! Its so glossy and so modern.With that said, I do feel is makes the home look smaller (from the pictures).I wonder if he plans on making the other features of the home more modern in the future.I think that would be a perfect fit…this floor in a modern home with everything else being neutral would sooo be a hit!

  • omg, obsessed! Such a great job! I seriously love the brightness it brings to the room – I’m a big fan of white walls with colorful accents. Applause from the East Coast!

  • Everybody is a critic these days it seems, I can’t understand why people feel the need to post negative comments. After all it isn’t your floor, your curtains, your colour scheme, your home therefore it does not need to appeal to all.

    I personally think it looks incredible and really appreciate the inspiration and new idea for a DIY floor option. Thanks.

  • I love it! On the process, I just wonder about why you opted to paint the boards after they were down instead of before. I think I would prefer a satin finish to gloss, myself. I find the blues very soothing, and a wonderful palette.

  • Great job David! Love the colors! I agree with Julia! Taste is a personal matter! I would not change anything about it. Floors can always be painted, stenciled, etc. I would love to see this floor a few years from now, they would actually look great! Nice and wore! Loving it!!!!

  • Wow. I love the floor. Saw it on Pinterest and it caught my eye. I expected it to be ceramic tile when I saw the colors and when I drilled down to get the DIY details I was amazed by the creativity: masonite sheets, cut, beveled and painted? Wow. Brilliant. And it yields much “softer” floor, which is good for a kitchen. It really belongs in the Hall of Fame for DIY floors.

  • I like this a lot.
    Home design details have been stuck in a beige, brown and white color scheme for too long. All of our houses are supposed to look the same so when it’s time to sell it’s ready to go. I’m glad to see you stamping your personality on your home.
    I am tired of this hotel room chic bs too. As a person who must travel for a living I find hotel rooms to be dirty (even in the best chains) and very impersonal. What are we a bunch of programmed robots living in spaces stripped of personality so we can sell and move elsewhere?
    You made your home YOUR HOME. I like that. Please post more

  • I absolutely love it. I’m moving into an old home and this will be in my craft room no doubt!

  • I really, really love the Floor . Great Job picking the colors….and I even like it more, that you ‘recycled’ your ‘old’ kitchen by painting the cabinets. What color did you choose for the Black splash? The light blue or gray?

  • LOVE this – sorry for the newbie question, but you just nailed and glued the boards directly onto the concrete subfloor? Do you know, would it be possible to do the same with screws so it could be removed more easily down the road?