Bee’s Wrap

by Grace Bonney

It’s hard for me to think of spring without thinking of honeybees and all the spring flowers they make possible. We have a beekeeper on our team (Amy), so Max and I have been learning more about them over the past few years. We’ve got a few bee-themed posts coming up today, so I thought I’d start things off with a cool new product called Bee’s Wrap. An alternative to plastic wrap, Bee’s Wrap is beeswax-infused cloth you can use to wrap and package food or cover a bowl (the warmth of your hands will mold the Bee’s Wrap to create a seal!). In addition to being a beautiful material, it can be washed with cool soapy water, dried and then reused over and over. Beeswax has natural antibacterial qualities that aid in its reuse. I love that this is already an earth-friendly natural product, but what I love most is that it’s made by a talented artist, mother and small-business owner named Sarah Kaeck. With the help of other women in her area, Sarah melts down the beeswax and creates this paper locally in Vermont. I love this story from start to finish and can’t wait to pick up some to package my lunch for work. You can check out the full story and process behind Bees’ Wrap and place an order online right here. Thanks, Sarah! xo, grace

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  • Wow, this is such a great design! I love all things recyclable,, and this is just perfect :)
    Great post!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  • These are amazing! I’ve never heard of anything like this! I have no problem getting rid of plastic wrap, since it’s so annoying to work with anyway — not to mention the environmental benefits.

  • Hooray Sarah! I love this product and Sarah’s innovation is so inspiring. I’ve been using it at home and selling it at my shop for several months – it’s so easy to use, smells great and has been a huge hit. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

  • A wonderful idea, I’ll look out for these. Honey is such an incredible treat you tend to forget in this day and age what a regal delicacy it is. Bees are also awesome little beasts who keep the whole environment ticking over nicely.

    Don’t forget to support the natural world and purchase Organic honey when you can. Honey bees are dying out thanks to the use of pesticides and corporate driven bee keeping practices. Watch “The Vanishing of the Bees” to find out more.

  • I’ve been trying to cut down on disposable products throughout my home, and I couldn’t find a plastic wrap alternative I liked even a little. I just ordered a large one of these for covering rising bread dough and for wrapping up pastry crusts and cookie dough in the fridge- hopefully the box of cling wrap in the cupboard will be my last one!

  • I just ordered the bread wrap and the the 3 size pack. What a great product. Can’t wait.

  • Love this idea!! What an ingenious way to replace plastic wrap… which I can never seem to cut and put into place without tangling it into a sticky mess, ugh.

  • I have also used Abeego products from Canada for over three years. They are absolutely fantastic and are especially great for wrapping cheese in the fridge. If you live in Canada, please please support: http://www.abeego.ca/ she has been doing it for years and has a great product! Yay for re-usable wraps!

  • as an avid beekeeper (and book topic author) myself, i’m always smitten by anything crafted by the bees. i’m also an avowed waste avoider, and have been eyeing bees wrap for some time. was actually on their website earlier this week. thanks so much for shining a light on them, grace!

  • The Abeego was established and marketed in 2008 in Canada, a wonderful product! First of its kind in the world.

  • Too bad you didn’t feature Toni & Colin from Abeego, they are the inventors of this product and could use the support!

  • I have been using Abeego Wraps for years now, got my first one in 2008. I haven’t tried this brand but it looks like it’s identical to the Original ones made by Abeego. It’s nice to see alternatives to plastic wrap and many people supporting the business!