Animal Love: Robins

Since we’re focusing on nature and the outdoors this month, it only seemed right to start off the week with a little ode to spring birds. A few weeks ago I started to notice the sound of birds chirping (over the noise of bus wheels screeching and my neighbors yelling at each other from across the street) and it reminded me that warmer weather and open window days are just around the corner. I can’t wait to get away for some day trips and see some real birds this spring. My street’s pigeons and I are engaged in an epic battle (my air conditioner is not a bathroom!), so I’m ready to see some sweeter, friendlier birds. A few of these robins would be a nice change of pace. xo, grace

*If you need even more robin love in your life you can check out my full research roundup here on Pinterest with 40+ options (plus a killer robin tattoo idea).

Image above: 1. Robin Stamp $9.04 | 2. Robin Paperweight $45 | 3. Robin Studs $160 | 4. Dr. Robin SPF $24 | 5. Robin iPhone Case $35 | 6. Robin Salt & Pepper Shakers $20 | 7. Robin Pillow $40 | 8. Robin Egg Cup $14 | 9. Robins Rug $876 | 10. Robin Vase $26 | 11. Robin Dress $60

Image above: Golly Bard Robin Print $36

Image above: Robin Earrings $6.24

More Robin Love continues after the jump…

Image above, left to right: Robin bedding $23, Robin’s Egg stamp $12.13

Image above, clockwise from top left: Robin gift wrap $15.61, Robin letterpress print $15, Robin Lavender Sachet $13.27

Image above: Robin Cushion $125

Image above: Robin Tea Towel $18

Image above: Handmade Robin Figure $304

Image above: Robin iPhone Cover $35

Image above: Robin Print $16


Oh, that print at the bottom is fantastic! And I am definitely eyeing those sheets… :)


I pretty much jumped up and down in excitement when I saw your post! Can I be a robin nerd for just a minute and point out the British use their robin as a symbol of Christmas? Which clearly means you can make my day by post more great robin designs all year round : )


Robins will always remind me of childhood, growing up in Wisconsin, you knew it really was Spring when you saw your *first* robin of the season…always a treat.


Spring is in the air! Everyone seems to be talking about birds today, wish I could hear them singing… : (

Carol Maryott

I like the iphone cover and the cushion. Something special about photos of beautiful birds.
I love to hear birds chirping in the morning.

Great post !


I used to be a lover of strong raptor birds like hawks, that is until I saw the work of Geninne Zlatkis (Geninne’s Art Blog). Geninne’s birds are whimsical and so colorfully lovely. Her blog has stunning photos of her work and the nature that inspires her.

Linda Hunt

I am starting to see more birds- live ones and those on printed fabrics. Your pictures are so nice. I think robins will be shown more on interior design websites.

Rasa Ramanauskas

We had so many robins visiting our back yard yesterday. Looking at your robin images this morning gave me the same happy feeling that spring is truly hear. All that’s missing is the robin’s song.