Animal Love: Peacock

Today’s Animal Love is all about the peacock. And I can’t think of a better transition out of gardening/green month and into color month. Is there anything more colorful than a peacock display? The peacock feature is a popular design motif. Historically the feather was a symbol of royalty, Marie Antoinette wore peacock feathers and to swear on a feather, indicated a solemn oath. In some areas of Eastern Europe, the peacock feathers are seen as bad luck and are not allowed to cross the threshold. The eye pattern on the tail feathers gave the peacock, the nickname “the bird of 100 eyes” and led to the belief that the bird was an all-seeing mythical creature. You don’t have to worry about back luck here though – there’s not a real feather in the bunch.   -Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. coy peacock switch plate cover $92 | 2. betsey johnson necklace $32.49 | 3. peacock feather ring £195.00 | 4. peacock feather charm $10-14 | 5. iphone 5 case $29.99 | 6. brass peacock $395 | 7. Little Inline Peacock Necklace £120.00 | 8. peacock feather pin $24 | 9. Pride and Prejudice Book Purse $80.13 | 10. iittala taika bowl $32 | 11. peacock slipper shoes $91.44 | 12. filigree peacock chandeliers $48

Image above: peacock racerback tank top $18

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Image above: 1. coral and tusk, small feather mobile $136 | 2. where there’s a quill necklace $15.99 | 3. peacock pencil tray $92 | 4. eyes on me scarf $16.99 | 5. peacock feathers iphone case $16 | 6. sideways peacock, oval paperweight $45 | 7. pair of metal peacocks $88 | 8. peacock cocktail napkins $4.95 | 9. peacock lollipops $12 | 10. peacock pillow $49.95

Image above: temporary peacock tattoo $5

Image above: peacock feather temporary tattoo $4.76

Image above: made you book sweatshirt $42.99


Any suggestions on the perfect peacock blue shade of paint?


Not only do I love this round-up of beautiful products, I love that nothing uses the real animal feathers. Kudos to you!


I love this round up! Peacock feathers are so amazing and beautiful. I was a peacock a for Halloween last year and made a huge plume tail. I’m obsessing over the peacock head temporary tattoo right now.