30 Must-Have Hanging Planters

by Grace Bonney

Yesterday we enjoyed a seriously incredible spring day that hit 68 degrees. Amy and I had a meeting outside, in the park, with our shoes off. It doesn’t get much better than that. In light of the amazing spring weather- and our April “green” theme- I decided to dedicate some posts to great planters of all types. Today I’m starting with my favorite: hanging planters. Being someone with little to no surface space in my apartment, hanging planters are great because they don’t require a landing space and they double as room/wall art. I’ve really enjoyed the sort of retro macrame and beading trend that’s come back into hanging planters, but I’ve made sure to include a wide range of styles here, from super modern to earthy and rustic. I hope you’ll find something that inspires you to cultivate a little something green in your home. Happy Planting! xo, grace

*There are 33 more hanging planter options here on my Pinterest research board if you need some additional ideas…

Image above: 1. Mini Hanging Planters $35 each | 2. Plant Pod $106 | 3. Wooly Pocket $40 | 4. Tiered Planter $73 | 5. Scalloped Planter $25 | 6. Herringbone Planter $25 | 7. Mini tetra planter $140| 8. Hanging Nest Planter $34

Image above: Three porcelain + leather planters $130

Image above, left to right: Bag planter $39, Glass planter $150

Image above, left to right: Hanging planter $93, Midnight Planter $60, Bark Planter $45

Image above, left to right: Beaded planter $43, Diamond Planter $42, Blue Bell Planter $45

Image above, clockwise from top leftt: Bubble Hangers $9-$24, Triangle planter $38, Aluminum Planter $78, Pod Vase $48

Image above: 1. Ceramic planter $65 | 2. Egg Planter $34 | 3. Brass Planter $12 | 4. Ceramic planter $60 | 5. Scribble Planter $70 | 6. Brass Himmeli planter $25 | 7. Faceted Planter $76 | 8. Skurar Planter $6

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