Weekly Wrap Up + New Textiles from Zak + Fox

Over the past few months, I’ve developed what could be considered a major obsession with all things Japan. For some reason I was always distracted by artwork from other countries, but this year it hit me in a big way: I want to travel to Japan and see both the cities and countryside. I’ve been collecting antique and vintage Japanese indigo fabric for a few months now, with the aim of creating some sort of patchwork quilt (or wall hanging) from the pieces. In addition to traditional indigo pieces, I’ve been reading and researching everything I can find related to traditional Japanese textile design. In light of that current obsession, I was thrilled to hear from Zak Profera of ZAK + FOX, who just released a new collection of fabrics inspired by a centuries-old Japanese fairytale, The Legend of Kiyohime.

Zak was so taken with the story he worked with an animator in Toronto, Jodi Sandler, to bring the story to life on his site so people could better understand his inspiration. It’s such an creative way to explain the birth of a new collection. I’m of course smitten with all the geometrics, but you can check out all three styles (Uroko, Kesa, Hidaka) right here online. I’ve got my eye on that triangle pattern above. So pretty. Thanks to Zak for the tip! I’m packing up for the weekend, so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you next week. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


More of Zak + Fox’s new fabrics continue after the jump…

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These are lovely! I miss living in Japan; I lived in northern Japan (Fukushima area) for 2 years right after college. The place still has my heart. <3


The art of Japan is so inspiring…please share your an image of your quilt when it is created!


I’m in love with all things Indigo at the moment so this post is just wonderful for inspiration!


These are gorgeous! I too love Japanese art in general, indigo and shibori specifically. I would love to see your quilt!


love the fabric but that folktale is disturbing as heck! hell hath no fury indeed… anchin comes off as a faithless coward and kiyohime as a deranged psychopath.


Love this collection! Geometric prints steal my heart every time :) If you love indigo fabrics, you may also really love the textile duo behind Lu+Ru. They bring the art of NanKeen back with beautiful white and blue fabrics.