Sword & Fern

by Grace Bonney

I absolutely love it when designers who specialize in local/brick-and-mortar retail open an online shop. It not only allows regional designers to extend their reach but also gives me a chance to celebrate designers that I wouldn’t perhaps get to recognize without a web presence. I’ve been a fan of Emily from Sword & Fern’s jewelry for as long as I can remember, and visiting her amazing Portland shop was a weekly ritual of mine a few summers ago. In addition to the incredible jewelry she designs herself (one of her necklaces never left my neck for a solid year), she has a great eye for artwork, found objects and interesting stones and materials. So I was thrilled to see that she recently opened a webshop where you can find her designs as well as other pieces from local Portland designers. I’ve got my eye on the super minimalist screenprints and beaded necklaces above, but there’s plenty more to check out on the site. Click here to visit Emily’s new online store and shop online. Congrats, Emily! xo, grace

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  • Oh man! I am wild about that blue and purple beaded necklace! And that crazy white thing! It looks like a really awesome modern baby mobile to me, such a great attention grabbing piece. Online seems to be the business of the future. Aside from the cost of design/development of an online store, I can’t think of a good reason for any brick and mortar business not to take their wares online!

  • Love the shadow earrings! Emily’s website is also gorgeous! Its so nice to see artisan wares from all over the place that we can now access. Thanks for sharing this find!

  • Just took a gander through the web store, and I love everything! I’m going to get myself in trouble knowing about this one! haha

  • Thank you so much, Grace! Such kind words. I am really happy about the new webshop, too! Been a long time coming, but I am so glad I waited to make it. Let me know when you’re in town so I can make you a special new necklace:-)XOXO E.

  • Such a great collection of well curated objects and wearables! I can’t wait for my trip to the PNW this summer so I can see all that goodness in person!