Style Icon: Mira Nair

Yesterday, we were Living In: Monsoon Wedding, and it just wasn’t enough Mira Nair for us. In addition to Monsoon Wedding, Mira Nair has directed Vanity Fair (with Reese Witherspoon), The Namesake and Amelia. Known for documentaries and feature films that often deal with controversial subject matters, Mira’s films have a lush, vibrant look that just pulls you in (I’m thinking of my favorites Monsoon Wedding and Vanity Fair, here). Born in India, Mira’s personal aesthetic is heavily influenced by Indian culture. She divides her time between New York, Delhi and her husband’s home country of Uganda. When filming Monsoon Wedding, Mira cast members of her own family, and even brought china, jewels and paintings from her house to flesh out the set. She’s also a devoted yoga practitioner (she practices Iyengar). When making a film, she has the cast and crew start the shoot day with a yoga session. Sign me up! — Amy Azzarito

There’s a great interview with Mira Nair about her childhood right here.

Image above: 1. Dupatta Noor, $819 | 2. Mudcloth Kurta, $65 | 3. Fancy Hoop Earrings, $284 | 4. Handmade Bracelets from India, $15 | 5. Kantha Cotton Necklace, $58 | 6. Journal, $28 | 7. Fashion Earrings, $50 | 8. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, $69.95 | 9. Beverly Bangle, $100

Image above: Paisley Mosaic Loungers, $48

Image above: 1. Embroidered Long Kurta, $165 | 2. Large Marigold Rubber Stamp, $7.95 | 3. Naira Necklace, $124 | 4. Doctor Zhivago | 5. Zosim Earrings, $50 | 6. Stationery Set, $14.95 | 7. Silk Foulard, £39.00 | 8. Extract of Marigold, $19


Monsoon Wedding is one of my favorite movies, so this and yesterday’s Living In are a real treat. I am reading Vikram Seth’s book A Suitable Boy, a marvelous story of 4 Indian families. I’m so ready to buy bangles and hot colors.

Jessica H

You do realize you featured a scarf that costs $819, right?


I have long thought that Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. And the clothes! Everyone looks gorgeous in a sari! Western clothing does nothing for women.


Thank you for featuring Mira Nair, I love her personality and the attention to detail in her movies :-). And being born in India myself, I feel a kinship…


I loved the Namesake, book and movie! I can totally dig Mira’s style, its sort of Indian inspired without being over the top.