Striped Baskets

We’re teaching an egg decorating class in the office this morning, so I’ve got egg shapes on the brain. This adorable striped basket at Leif is just over a foot tall and would be ideal for catching odds and ends by the door. Spare mail, newspapers, pet treats — you name it, it would probably fit in here. I keep a similar basket by my front door, and it hides all of my least attractive must-have tools for daily life. If you’re looking for something to keep your accessories in order, click here to check out this handmade basket from Senegal at Leif ($44). xo, grace


Oh adorable!
Our front door leads right into our dinning room and I have a bureau (from my grandma) in there to store all these things away. My boyfriend though keeps cluttering its top, so this basket is exactly what I need for him :)

Great find!


It’s absolutely lovely, with its stripes and rustic look! Thanks for sharing :)


It always makes me laugh how things get priced when they make it to the US (or Europe). I bought a few of those baskets while studying abroad in Senegal, and I only paid 30 dollars for 5 of them (ranging in sizes, post-haggling). I can only hope that these huge markups means that more money goes to the creators, but for some reason I highly doubt it…