Sneak Peek: Sweet Paul Spring 2013

I get excited every season for a peek at the new Sweet Paul Magazine. Paul and his team are consistently producing stellar original content, and I find myself saying “Oooh!” over and over again when I flip through the pages. Their new spring issue is on the stands (and the web) today, and I wanted to share a few pictures from the magazine. They really hit it out of the park this time, with stories about spring violets; delicious cakes; wax paper flowers; and unexpected ways to display plates, cups and saucers. I always come away with a billion ideas after reading Paul’s magazine, so I hope you’ll check it out, too.

If you’re a fan of the color purple, this issue is definitely for you. I am, and I came away with a serious wishlist of purple projects to try. Click here to check out the new issue. Congrats, Paul! xo, grace

More images from the new issue after the jump . . .

Heidi Rew

Everything is gorgeous & Grace, you’re right about inspiration! Love the tissue paper flower garland. Could use that for one of my parties! {Heidi Rew from}

Bonnie Thomas

Wow. Did you see the cord with the big wood beads on it? What a cool way to turn utility to art. Wonder how they did that? You’d have to detach the wire from the plug or the light so you can string the beads and then rewire.

Also, are those lilac soaps? What a gorgeous purple!