Sneak Peek: Jon & Nina Hans

When decorating their downtown Los Angeles loft, Jon and Nina Hans decided to channel mid-century Hawaii. They are both from the islands and grew up surfing and running through jungles. Luckily, they live right down the street from the Flower District, so it’s easy to keep their home filled with plants and flowers. Nina is an art director and designer, so she’s experienced in creating visual environments. This is a particularly special home for the couple because they moved in just after their wedding a year ago. They were so excited to decorate their first home together as husband and wife that they spent the first several weekends searching local thrift stores, the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market and Craigslist to find great deals and unique pieces. Thanks, Jon and Nina! And a big thanks to Casey Curry and Nina for the lovely photos! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: This is my little at-home desk. I found the chair at a little furniture store here in LA called Revival, and I’m obsessed with it! It came already upholstered in that fabric, I couldn’t believe it; it’s like it was made for me. I also love the vase on my desk by Brett Freund. I’m such a huge fan of his work!

Image above: Our living room is such a fun place to host parties; Jon loves to make cocktails at the bar, and in the winter we always have a fire going. When we got married, our friends all got together and chipped in to get us this super nice projector for our wedding present. So now we often host movie nights — we roll down the blinds and project right onto the walls. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The white porcelain dear head we got as a wedding gift, as well. It’s from Z Gallerie. We went ahead and put it on our registry before we’d really figured out what vibe we were going for in our new place. Sometimes I feel like he’s a little off for the jungle theme, so I like to throw a lei on him to make him fit in better.

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Image above: This Tommy Bahama swaying palms fabric is our favorite thing in the world! We have to hold ourselves back from covering the entire house in it.

Image above: Our coffee table is a good mix of both of us. We both love design and surfing, and Jon loves motorcycles. Another vase from Brett Freund, a plate from Waylande Gregory and coasters from Anthropologie. I picked up the anthurium bowl and koa honu bowl on our last trip back home to Hawaii.

Image above: I found the swinging chair at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, got pillows made for it, and wrapped the metal rods that make up the back support because they were a bit scratched up. Our ceiling is cement, so you can really swing far in it! The water dispenser is from Anthropologie. I wanted it for over a year, and finally we splurged on it this past winter. The stand it is on is a simple cart from Target. I had a new top made for it from District Millworks and got it powder coated at Arnaco Powder Coating in what else but mint, of course! I love powder coating! It can take a typical looking item and jazz it up for a really low cost; plus it doesn’t scratch like spray paint.

Image above: This table spread was to die for! Our dear friend Chris Earl made these gorgeous cheese boards in all different shapes and sizes. I love the individual and unique handles, which also make them great kitchen art when hung. Chris came over and styled the food spread for the party we had the night of this photo shoot. I got the flowers in the flower district, and he made all that you see in this photo happen. The Cord Chandelier is from friend and product designer Brendan Ravenhill. The Cord Chandelier is one of my favorite pieces in the whole loft. It’s a balanced tensegrity structure, and its simple but elegant frame almost disappears when lit (we do have it on dimmers), making the bulbs appear to float! It really was the final piece in bringing our whole home together.

Image above: This may be my favorite photo. The plates from Waylande Gregory really make it all shine. I had been searching for jungle-inspired plates everywhere and freaked with joy when I found these beauties. Whenever we have dinner parties I get these Monstera Deliciosa leaves from the flower district down the street.

Image above: I love our bar from CB2. It’s funny because this used to be my dining room table when I was single and living in a studio. The stools are designed by Joseph Pitruzzelli and licensed by WoodSmithe. I used to be the art director at WoodSmithe, so I got to brand this product, choose colorways and market it. It was a ton of fun. Mint is my favorite color, so it was my obvious choice. We also sold them in dark gray and white, but the mint was the biggest hit for sure. The stools typically come with reclaimed beech wood tops, but I had the walnut tops made instead because they matched our home better.

Image above: In the kitchen there’s this fun little piece by Ray Young Chu. I first saw it in a coffee shop in the Arts District and just knew I needed it. I got the little kissing surfer salt and pepper shakers on our last trip to Hawaii. Jon and I are always trying to bring home little pieces of where we grew up.

Image above: Plants, plants, plants! I can’t get enough of them. The Audrey Kawasaki piece is a pretty special piece to me. My husband, Jon, bought it for me years ago, when we were just friends, which makes it extra special now.

Image above: Our canopy bed is a blast. Since our loft is so open, it gives a little sense of privacy when we have guests spending the night. Jon put it up one day while I was at work, so when I came home that day I freaked! I love it! The rug was a wedding present from Anthropologie, from my sister-in-law.

Image above: Cheese board by Chris Earl

kiaina phillips

Oh my gosh!!! I just love this space, how it’s designed and all the lush greenery against the white back drop. If I could duplicate this space in Chicago, then I would. You guys are super blessed to live near a flower market and have the great LA weather which is great for the plants as well. Your space is one the most beautiful I have ever seen and please enjoy it!!!


Its such a beautiful space! loved those geometric shaped chairs and colorful cushions !
having such a greenery at home is so good!

Jenni Bailey

How beautiful! I am definitely going to pin and bookmark this Sneak Peek – so much inspiration for my own new home!


Are the geometric bar stools available to the public for purchase? Would love a pair for the kitchen. Thanks!


What a beautiful home. I love everything about this place!!! I’m obsessed with it now!


Clean, bright and fun space. I know what I’m using for placemats for my next dinner party! Thanks for the idea!


Lovely! Can you share where you found your couch, or the model?

Nina Hans

Kate – The white one is the petrie sofa from crate and barrel and the green one is from macys.

Thank you everyone for the kind words!

Jamila S Tazewell

i am in love with this…. so fresh !!!!!!!! i love it when people decorate from such personal loves. also the leaf placements are TDF!

Manuel Cirs

Jon!! Beautiful home my man! Its been quite a while. Hope to see you soon.

Nina Gotlieb

Obsessed with those mint stools! I have two different projects those would be perfect for. Any way at all to get them? PLEASE let me know who to beg. Gorgeous home, too. Really lovely.


What a breath of fresh air – open and bright, amazing! Nina, since you’ve been kind enough to answer about some of the other pieces: where is the white cabinet/buffet piece with the wood base from? Great work!


Me likey! Very light and airy. Enjoyed how she incorporated a lot of plants and floral patterns in the decor. The bar stools and desk chair are freaking awesome.

Lala lady

What building is this? A fireplace in DTLA wow. Looks fab btw.


We have some of the same plants and we feel like we live in the jungle too! I prefer your white sleek lines with your greenery. We have a lot of masculine dark woods.
Happy Nesting!


Wow, this is the most fun Sneak Peek I’ve ever seen! Awesome job!


The makeshift canopy is so lovely. Where did you get the fabric & any tips on putting one of these up?


Way cool. I haven’t seen anything like this before. Now I want to redo my whole apartment! ;)

Nina M

Hi Nina, Beautiful space! My favorite part is actually your white walls! They make all the rest really pop! Would you mind sharing the brand and shade of the paint you used? Thanks so much, and bravo!

Nina Hans

Hi Nina and Tyler –

I dont know the shade actually, so sorry. It was already that color when we moved in. Tyler the desk is from west elm but they dont sell it any more sadly.


Hi Nina,
Your place is stunning! Would you mind letting me know where your console table is from (the table where your prized Audrey Kawasaki piece is displayed)? I’m on the hunt for something similar! Thank you.


What is the name of the side table that your Audrey Kawasaki piece is on. Do you know the name or where to find it?


Where is your coffee table from? Looking for one just like it


Hi, I love the white console table on which stands the Audrey Kawasaki’s painting. Would you able to tell me where it comes from ?
Thanks a lot!!


Nina, what a cozy home thank you for sharing it with us and congrats on your great work at Woodsmithe! Like the commenters Celine and DP, I would also really really like to know where the console that your Audrey Kawasaki piece sits on. Third ask is a charm?

great work!


Hi,lovely home! I would really like to know where I can buy the Los Angeles tote.Thank you!


Would love to know where the pillow on the couch behind the palm print pillow is from! I love the jungalow look of your place! Chic! Thanks in advance :)