Our Favorite Dogs in Homes

This month is all about family, and for many of us, that includes the furry members of our families. I may have gotten a little carried away — 50 dogs made this list, but all those puppy eyes . . . I couldn’t leave anyone out! (And don’t worry, cat people, I’ve got you covered next week. In the meantime, here’s our Sneak Peek: Best of Cats from 2010.) — Amy Azzarito

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Image above: Six-year-old Honey was only recently adopted into Arran and Jacqui’s home in Sydney, Australia. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek Arran Russell and Jacqui Lewis)

Image above: Guffman surrounded by all his toys in his living room in Chicago. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Winifred Gundeck)

Image above: Looking regal on the sofa under a giant 5 ft x 8 ft painting by Robert Josiah Bingaman. (See more photos here: Sneak Peek: Laura Brunow Miner and Wilson Miner)

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Image above: Mona is a rescue from a North Central Los Angeles shelter who now lives in a Silverlake loft. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Sarah Kissell and Gregory Hubacek)

Image above: Watch dog, Gunnar, the ruler of the castle. He likes to sleep here and look out the window, watching to make sure everyone on the street behaves. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Jason Hines and Stephanie Trigg)

Image above: These pups rule their Virginia Beach home — so much so that homeowner Grace Hsiu calls the house Husky Ranch. Nanz (short for Bananas) is the younger, crazy one; Herbie (back) is eight years old and super calm . . . unless there are treats around. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peak: Husky Ranch)

Image above: Says Erin Hiemstra: “The living room is a multipurpose space — it’s the TV room, our office and our dining room all in one, and while the dark floors look beautiful, they are not comfortable enough for the dogs, but the oversized dog bed makes it all better.” (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Erin Hiemstra and Chris Wick)

Image above: Maple surveying the world from the kitchen sink. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Emily & Andrew de Stefano)

Image above: Ziggy, an adorable English bulldog, is always wherever the family is — and that’s usually the kitchen! (From Sneak Peek: Carolyn Gavin)

Image above: Twister and Homer hanging outside in their home, a converted aircraft hangar in Uetze, Germany. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Glenn Garriock)

Image above: Rico is prince of the house. He also has a bit of a Napoleon complex. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Chrissy Poitras & Kyle Topping)

Image above: This Phoenix home is filled with found treasures and that includes these two pups. “Our Boxer, Sam, was adopted from friends who could no longer keep him, and we found the American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix, Molly, as a puppy tossed out on the streets and covered in dried tar and crawling with ticks.” (From Sneak Peek: Jon and Paige Aschcroft)

Image above: The living room with its beautiful light and hardwood floors won over the homeowners (and Billy loves them, too!) (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Susan and Parker Hutchinson)

Image above: You know you’re loved when there’s a life-sized portrait of you. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Tyler Karu and Brendan Ready)

Image above: Milie, photographer Virginia Macdonald’s dog, looks out at the little oasis in this Toronto, Canada, home — just outdoors is an outdoor shower, hammocks and eight Blue Spruce trees. (From Sneak Peek: Carolyn Gavin)

Image above: Jack the Puggle out on the sleeping porch near Minneapolis. (See full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Mary Jo and Steve Hoffman)

Image above: Ava loves laying in the sun. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Lauren Spencer King)

Image above: Walter, a Tibetan terrier, peeking around the corner of the entry hall, which is wallpapered in Farrow and Ball. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Kimberly Cornelison and Alfie Ferreyra)

Image above: Lola is the life of every party. (See more photos here: Sneak Peek: Trent and Dara)

Image above: Winston looking regal in front of his New York City home. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Rachel Krauskopf)

Image above: Lola and Carla stand guard at the front door in Ashville, Massachusetts. (See the full tour here: Sneak Peek: Carla & Tim)

Image above: Australian Mastiff Griswold matches the black and white decor of his home in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Annabelle Kerslake)

Image above: Zoe, in her San Francisco home, sitting on the rug with her favorite squeaky rabbit toy. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Tina Frey)

Image above: Lily B. Good lives only a short walk from the Presidio and Crissy Field Beach. She’s a great walker. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Christina Weber of Studiopatro)

Image above: There may be 12-foot ceilings, but all this puppy cares about is a comfy bed. (See the full house tour: Sneak Peek: Whitney & Dustin of Oh Darling!)

Image above: “
The dogs love to use the floor as their runway from upstairs to the front door, which has resulted in the paint peeling off.” Uh-oh! (From Sneak Peek: Jutta Rikola)

Image above: Ten-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup, Billi, takes a nap on his bed in South Adelaide, Australia. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Jane Cameron)

Image above:
Fern was a birthday gift from Crystal’s boyfriend. They picked him out of a giant litter of puppies. All of his brothers and sisters were black, and he was golden all over with gray freckles on his face and down his back. At night he likes to sleep at the end of the bed on the sheepskin rug. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Crystal Ellis of Egg Collective)

Image above: Fourteen-year-old Chrissy is babysitting Fifi and Tinkerbell. Seriously. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Paul & Amy Hamilton)

Image above: Storytime! (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Johanne & Palle Bruun Rasmussen)

Image above: From the bed, covered in a Moroccan wedding blanket, Ruca has a great view of the outside. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Lou Mora and Sarah Yates)

Image above: Fern on the sofa in her Boston home. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Claire Ferrante)

Image above: Riley is zonked out on the bed in his Boston home. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Claire Ferrante)

Image above: All three dogs, from left to right: Zootsie, D.O.G. and Tadpole. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Gwendolyn of Dear Hancock)

Image above: Stanley hanging out under a print from Almond Tree Framing. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Jessica & Ash Bettenay)

Image above: Lucy watches over Michelle Weinberg in Miami Beach. (see full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Michelle Weinberg & Brian Fatih)

Image above: Leland hanging out on the gold chair next to the guitars in his Portland home. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Andrew Call & Amy Livingston)

Image above: Piccollo standing guard over the vintage sofa. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Molly & Robert Josiah Bingaman)

Image above: Lily, aka Le Ping, napping in her London home. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Cassandra Ellis & Ed Prichard)

Image above: Moving from a bungalow to a loft, Megan and Paul realized that their artwork was too small for their expansive walls, so they clustered everything together and hung it at an angle to be more visually interesting. Rufus thinks it looks great! (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Paul and Megan Wilkes)

Image above: Willa, a rescue from Brooklyn 12 years ago, now lives in Pound Ridge, NY. Here she is hanging out in five-year-old Serra’s room. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Dana & Patrick Worlock)

Image above: Peachy and Skip live in a Spanish Colonial in sunny Santa Barbara, California. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Leslie Lewis Sigler)

Image above: Lulu napping on a daybed in front of a Belgian wall piece from the 1800s. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: R. Rolfe and Stephen Rutledge)

Image above: Fred loves having an upholstered chair in the kitchen. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Sisse Jonassen)

Image above: Hairy likes his bedroom decor clean and simple. (See more photos here: Sneak Peek: Steve Soria)

Image above: Fern! Next to a wing back chair that was a $30 Craigslist find. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Carla & Jack Fahden)

Image above: Bella hates her doppelganger statue. (See the full house tour here: Sneak Peek: Pete & Bailey McCarthy)

Image above: The crew coming down the stairs for dinner (left to right: Pierre, Lyle, Otie Mae, Nigel). (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Nancy Aebersold & Dana Blumrosen)

Image above: Bean running in front of the treehouse/shed. Bean loves to play with the gardening supplies, hiding his ball in pots. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Chris & Dave Plantan)

Image above: Rexy and Lulu are out, but their beds are ready and waiting. (See the full home tour here: Sneak Peek: Josh & Diana of Casa de Perrin)

  1. So much cuteness in one post makes this my favorite best of yet! At least until the best of cats comes out….soon I hope. :)

  2. Irina says:

    All the images are adorable, but my favorite is the very last one (Rexy and Lulu are out). If possible, you should do a follow-up when both dogs are back in their beds, with their portraits hanging above. I personally don’t have a picture of my lab, Brooklyn, anywhere in the house but I’m strongly considering it now.

  3. SO much cuteness! This is not making me want a dog any less than I already do! ;)

  4. Lynne says:

    Too much cuteness!!!! I read your blog daily and I know you love dogs and cats. I read another blog called Striped Cat Studio and on Thursdays she has a column called Dog Stalking and it is watercolor paintings of dogs she has “stalked” or of dogs that people send her photos of to “stalk”. I think you would love reading it! http://stripedcatstudio.com/tag/dog-stalking/

  5. Amy says:

    Woof -woof……is it wrong to have a favourite?! I heart Lula, she beautifully compliments the Belgian wall piece from the 1800’s…..and she has a nice wee snout :)

  6. Loved seeing all these dogs. A home is not a home without at least one dog. I have four and adore having them around me at all times.

  7. Katie says:

    haha most of them are either like, “huh?” or “sigh.” cuties!

  8. brittanyp says:

    I couldn’t even handle the amount of cute in this post. I had to switch windows and come back a few times. Love it,

  9. Leigh says:

    Ditto on what Nita said! Dogs make a house a home! Loved seeing all of the adorable pics of the pups!

  10. kathryn says:

    fantastic post!!! such cuteness!! i really like that last photo…very clever!!

  11. Andrea says:

    Ahhhh, you must check out this amazing austin, tx photographer who shoots brilliant photos of pets!!

  12. Oh my…almost too much cuteness to take in! :]]

  13. Nothing makes me happier than seeing well loved dogs in their forever homes. Its a bonus that they live in such beautiful homes!

  14. Wow! Ziggy and Millie made it to your adorable list. Thanks. Carolyn

  15. This must be one of my favourite posts, but then I am dog mad.Sitting writing this with my pooch Millie on my lap.Maud, her sister, is alrady warming the bed for me, hahaha.
    Can’t wait to see the post with the cats!!

  16. Denise says:

    interesting houses plus dogs in all their regal variety –you hit it out of the park with this one.

  17. Susan says:

    I spy my Billy, thank you!!! So many cuties here, oh my.

  18. Amy says:

    Oh, this post is so bittersweet! Our little dog passed away last year, and we’ve recently been looking at getting a new dog. I am so craving the company of a dog; there’s nothing quite the same.

  19. stickybeak says:

    Oh my goodness, these pictures could not have more heart or love in them!

  20. Holly says:

    oh my!! Too Adorable!

  21. Susan Mills says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Love the pups. As my husband says, dogs are proof of heaven.
    I checked out the Austin TX photog, too (see Andrea’s comment). I’m now tempted to take The Replacements to TX for a shoot! Great work.

  22. My parents have a staffy and he’s like Keith Moon in dog form. A total sweetheart but really mischievous, charming, and funny. Eccentric to the max, too. Great pictures, it would be nice to see a cat one, too!

  23. MB@YarnUiPhoneApp says:

    These pics are very cute, clearly taken by besotted owners and photographers. All them with great composition, color and snapped with great forethought. I’m impressed, but not enough to get a canine back in my life yet. The creature might take over my life, knitting and everything else!

  24. Kathy W says:

    Who wouldn’t fall in love with Fern and her teddy bear? Actually, I love them all. Thanks!

  25. Michele O says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Thank you! All of the above said – so many homeless dogs out there right now. Go forth and adopt!

  26. Kirsten says:

    These are all so great! Where can we submit our pics?

    1. Amy Azzarito says:

      Hi Kirsten – These were chosen from our sneak peek archives. You can submit you home at submissions at designsponge dot com. Thanks! xo Amy

  27. evr says:

    MUST have a cats post ASAP!

  28. Claire says:

    Yay for dogs! Thank you for including our sweet doggies, Riley & Fern, on your post today :)

  29. Mollie says:

    Love this! So many happy dogs in beautiful homes :)

  30. Maria says:

    That photo of Leland from Portland does deserve its place on Best of Dogs, Best of Heirlooms and I would even postulate it for The Very Best of Sneak Peeks.

  31. Selena/capefarmbeads says:

    I would purchase this as a coffee table book and I’m sure I, not the only one. These dogs help ground these homes and reflect another side of their owners. Please consider!

  32. Cassandra says:

    Lily so thrilled to be included, she’s had to have another nap! We love our Lily very much- so thanks! C


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