Removable Wallpaper by Chasing Paper

by Grace Bonney

As much as I love the lack of repair work involved in being a renter, it always bums me out to be prohibited from making major changes like cabinets, flooring and wallpaper. I have a little tear-out booklet of wallpaper that I’m dying to try one day, but they’ve all been off-limits until I can afford a home. Thankfully, more and more designers are tackling the realm of removable wallpaper. Chasing Paper is one of them, and it just launched a line of colorful graphic papers. I know bold colors aren’t for everyone, but I always think bathrooms and closets are the perfect places to go a little nuts with bright colors or prints. Chasing Paper has around 10 designs to choose from, but my favorites are above and below. To make wallpaper installation easier on small spaces, Chasing Paper is currently selling paper in 2’ x 4’ panels ($25 each), so you can order a small quantity for a more petite space (like your average NYC bedroom or a backsplash). Click here to check out their current selection and shop online. I’m crossing my fingers that they do more guest collections with contemporary designers so that those of us who love unique design but not the permanence of wallpaper can have a wide range of options. Thanks to Anne for the tip! xo, grace

More patterns continue after the jump . . .

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  • Finally! I don’t live in an apartment, but this is still very relevant for me and my home. I love all of the new graphic papers I’m seeing in the market, but I’ve always been afraid to commit. Not so anymore! Thank you for sharing this.

  • As far as I’m concerned, removable wallpaper should be the only wallpaper one would ever use. We recently spent hours, no days, removing multiple layers of wallpaper from every room in our new house. Awful work! These Chasing Paper patterns are beautiful, and if they really are easy to remove, I’m all for it!

  • This is wonderful! We have a great little alcove in our bedroom that just begs for some sort of accent. I tried a tapestry (looked great in photos, crap in person) and I don’t want to paint it. And after scraping paper that had been painted over multiple times off my kitchen wall, no way am I papering. Definitely bookmarking this!!

  • I’m so happy that wallpaper is getting more attention lately. I’ve seen other bloggers’ tutorials on how to make regular wallpaper work for renters (double sided permanent tape on the back) and Chasing Paper seems like icing on the cake. I think the double sided tape method and the prints offered at Chasing Paper are fantastic and can’t wait to try them in my humble (rented) abode!

  • This is fantastic. I love the idea of using this to fix up some of my Ikea furniture. Scratches on the side of that bookshelf? No problem!

  • These are great! I’m going to order some for my apartment entryway right away. I have a wonderful old bamboo coatrack that needs a little something behind it to balance all the whiteness of the walls around

  • does removable wallpaper remove when put over permanent wallpaper? I’m renting as well and already have ugly wallpaper in the house and can’t paint. answers please! :/

  • I just used Chasing Paper product on a wall in our son’s bathroom. I put up the first two panels in under 10 minutes and the first 5 of those minutes was just “getting the nerve”. I had to slow down to think how best to approach the toilet paper dispenser, but boom and boom! The bathroom looks SO MUCH BETTER and the product was a dream to use. Thanks, Chasing Paper!