Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Sixpoint Brewery Tour!

by Maxwell Tielman

Although St. Patrick’s Day is, at least officially, a celebration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, it has become so much more than that in modern times. In many locales, St. Patrick’s Day is all about Irish culture; delicious, hearty food; and — of course — beer. There are many ways to celebrate this fabulous mid-March holiday: going to a local pub, hosting a beer and brisket dinner with friends or attending a big ol’ St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you’re in a learning kind of mood, however, touring a local brewery is a great way to celebrate the holiday and support a local business. This year, we decided it would be fun to pay a visit to one of our favorite local breweries: Brooklyn’s very own Sixpoint Brewery.

Established in 2004, Sixpoint is a small but prolific operation located in Red Hook, a sparsely populated Brooklyn enclave with a rich maritime history. Despite its recent establishment, Sixpoint’s inspiration is deeply rooted in history, both local and ancient. Their logo, for example, is derived from the nautical star (a reference to their location’s seafaring past) and the six-pointed brewer’s star, commonly used as a brand-mark in previous centuries. In terms of the beer itself, the brewery features an assortment of delicious craft ales and lagers, each with its own unique twist and nuanced flavors. The brewery even has a line of seasonal beverages that cater to our changing palates throughout the year — from a light ale for spring to a delightfully rich stout for winter.

As a first-time brewery visitor and a self-proclaimed beer novice, I didn’t quite know what to expect when I came to Sixpoint. Luckily, the small staff of brewers was warm, talkative and insanely informative. Each person spoke enthusiastically about their process and the work that they did at the brewery. After taking probably way too many pictures, I left with a ton of new knowledge and a greater appreciation for the craft of making beer. Check out all the photos from our visit after the jump! — Max

Above image: All beer begins with the main ingredient: grain!

Above image: This bag of grain is waiting to be taken, via tubes, to a shed on the roof, where it will be dropped down into the masher. This bag in particular is filled with 1 TON of grain. Just to clarify — that is a whole lotta beer.

Above image: After the grains are nice and mashed, they’re put in the kettle, which is pretty much what is sounds like: a massive boiler.

Above image: After boiling, the resulting liquid is moved from the boiler to giant fermentation tanks where, with some added yeast and ingredients, it will become beer.

Above image: The brewers at Sixpoint all worked in rain boots — a good idea, as the floors can get quite wet!

Above image: I, unfortunately, came ill equipped in the shoe department.

Above image: One of the big fermentation tanks where all the magic happens!

Above image: Once the beer is brewed and conditioned to remove impurities, it’s dispensed into large barrels and kegs and stored in the brewery’s walk-in refrigerator.

Above image: Sixpoint’s swanky new hospitality center — perfect for enjoying a nice beer!

Above image: I’m a little obsessed with the graphic design for all of Sixpoint’s products.

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  • Love this! Redhook rules, I am obsessed with Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie there. I’m bringing my family next time and we’ll have to check out Six Points too!

  • I love the bold graphics on these Sixpoint cans. I’d do the tour in a heartbeat, followed with some good beer, of course. A cold draft. Actually, I’m thinking I need a growler’s worth of a dark stout. Funny, how St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and for the first time **ever**, I don’t want a Guinness. I want a craft stout, maybe a chocolate variety. Of course, I like to knit before, during and after knitting.

  • Hi Grace! Could you tell me what the name of the font is that you used for the words “Sixpoint Brewery”? I’ve been looking for it for awhile and can’t find it. I wanted to use it on a thank-you card I’m designing. Thanks!!

  • How did you get in Grace? I went to Brooklyn Brewery this past weekend and was told by many locals they have been closed for years. I called and alas they are not open. I am celebrating beer month on my food blog and wanted to photograph it and review the beer. :(