Pet Portaits by Sian Keegan

I’ve been so excited about this month’s theme (Family + Pets) because it gives me a chance to shamelessly indulge in my love of animals. Aside from photos on my fridge, I’ve never really kept portraits or photographs around my house. I have artwork on my walls, but I tend to keep photographs of friends and family displayed on the fridge or in printed photo albums. The one exception I make is for my cat. I’ve been thinking of having a cool modern portrait of Turk done (nothing huge, just something small and cute) for a long time, and I feel like these new custom watercolor pet portraits by Sian Keegan are right up my alley.

Sweet, simple and colorful, each of Sian’s pet portraits measures 7 x 9 inches in size and is painted on 140 lb. acid-free cold press paper. I love how she’s captured the expressions of the pets above — they feel warm but also unique to those pets. What I love most about them is that they give you a chance to celebrate an important family member in a bigger way. Whether you’re commemorating a new pet, a new home or remembering a sweet pet that’s passed, these portraits are a great way to celebrate the fuzzy friends that make our houses feel like homes. Click here to check out Sian’s custom portraits online. Prices range from $100 for pets alone and $250 for family portraits to $175–$250 for custom 3D pet portraits. xo, grace


Oop…just noticed a typo. :) The last paragraph states that these are “…printed on 140 lb….” and should be “…painted on 140 lb….” I was at first confused as I thought that they were reproductions (since “print” is often used for the reproduction of a painting), but they are original paintings…and lovely! (as an aside, I wish “print” was reserved for photography print, digital art print, or hand-pulled print rather than reproductions of paintings…which should be called reproductions! It gets so confusing.)


This is such a cool idea! I’ve always wanted to get one of custom felt figurines that you can get on etsy, but these looks great as well :D