Milkhaus Design

by Grace Bonney

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to re-commit myself to a healthier eating plan. In addition to cutting out carbs and processed foods, I’m cutting coffee and switching back to peppermint tea. I sorely miss my morning coffee, so I’ve been trying to create a new morning routine that will distract me from missing the old one. One of the things I treated myself to was a new set of tea towels/napkins that make the tea process feel like a more substantial ritual. I’m on the hunt for a little tray that I can use for the teapot and cup now, but so far the pretty napkins have been a nice way to start the day with tea and breakfast. During my hunt for napkins I came across these bold graphic options (which are technically tea towels, but I’d use them as folded napkins) from Milkhaus Design and bookmarked them for later. I love the simple color palette — they’d be perfect for a simple dinner at home or a nice dinner party in. Click here to check out the full selection and style range and to shop online (each towel is 17” x 25” and 100% linen). xo, grace

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  • The tea towels look great. But have you tried green tea or matcha instead of coffee. Green tea is super healthy (although it contains caffeine) and matcha even healthier.

  • I adore everything Milkhaus makes. Their totes are beautifully made–and I get so many compliments on mine–maybe I need to upgrade my napkins now :)

  • You could also try roasted herba mate as a good substitute for coffee. While some people say it has caffeine, it actually does not. It contains a chemical compound (called mateine) similar to caffeine in that it gives you a good awake feeling without the jitters. It is also crazy healthy! I find it helps me focus and it tastes great with some honey.

  • I feel much better when I cut out the carbs, but no caffeine? I just don’t think I could do it! That milky tea does look pretty appealing though!

  • I was just daydreaming about tea when I scrolled down and saw the photos. I’ll take it as a sign to get up and go make myself a cup. Oh, D*S, you know me so well! (and the tea towels are lovely, too)

  • I think loose leaf tea makes it feel like more of a process. Also, I like black teas with a little milk and sugar, so that adds to the ritual. (A barista once recommended a tad of soy milk in mint tea, and that was great, too.) Getting to use a kettle on the stove also makes tea-brewing so nice.

  • Hi! work in a tea shop in milan and very pasionate bout tea “acessories”… from ghisa pot to chasen for matcha :) wanted a quik tip on the plate that the napkins are placed on… where can i order it??? btw, love the blog.. newsubscriber right here!

  • Love the tea napkins, especially the beige and white one! Also love the wood tea plate – would love to know where to get it! That’s my fave style – the organic feel of wood + minimalist style :)

  • For those of you asking about the teak serving tray, I bought it at an antique store in Madison that sells mainly mid-century modern goods. It was on super sale!
    Thanks for the kind words about my tea towels!