Meet the D*S Brooklyn Team (Welcome, Silka!)

Before we jump into regular posts today, I wanted to take a minute to welcome someone very special to our D*S family. Last year we were beyond fortunate to find Max, and it’s been a joy working with him since day one. And all three of us feel the exact same way about Silka, our wonderful new social media manager and instant-friend (that’s her in the middle!).

I’ve always felt strongly that D*S should stay small and keep a core team that handles every aspect of communication here. And until this year, I was the primary person doing that: email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But I started to realize two things: First, I was feeling burnt out trying to keep up with all these new outlets, and second, the quality of my communication with these communities was slipping because I was spread too thin. I was staying up later and later to stay on top of things and finally realized that it was time to ask for help. I wanted to find a way to stay in touch with all these different communities on social media platforms without losing the quality of conversation that I feel so strongly about. Today we are SO happy to introduce you to Silka, who will be helping us stay on top of our social media outlets, manage our new weekly newsletter and brainstorm guest pinners — like Jan from Poppytalk — and who’s joining us today!

Of course, Amy, Max and I will continue actively participating on all of our social media channels, but Silka will be joining us, too. I wanted everyone to be able to put a face to a name, so when you start seeing her name pop up, you’ll know who she is. And because this new approach is really about being able to connect with all of you in a more genuine way, we’re open to suggestions and any ideas you’d like to see us tackle or incorporate when it comes to social media. If you want to drop a line, just email Silka at silka [at] designsponge [dot] com.

A little more about Silka: Silka splits her time between NYC and living in a beautiful old home in the Berkshires with her fiancé, Jake (check out their adorable blog here), and their cats. She’s worked with some of our favorite people, such as Lotta Jansdotter and Fishs Eddy, and she loves making things like the rest of the team here. Much to our delight, she enjoys talking about celebrity fashion, a cappella movies and pets as much as we do. We are so lucky to have her on our team.

*We’re also so excited to introduce Jan from one of my all-time favorite blogs, Poppytalk, as our very first guest pinner! Jan will be pinning things that inspire her all week on our “Guest Pinner: Poppytalk” board. We are thrilled to have her and even more excited to see what she pins. So . . . ready, set, repin! xo, grace

Photo above by Maxwell Tielman (Grace, Silka, Amy, Max and Linus the pup)

Alex at Office Kitten

Well greetings from Manchester, England, I hope all goes well in the new job! Sadly we’re not allowed pets in the office here, although I do have a super cute Chinese dwarf hamster I cater for back in my apartment. She’s a lively wee beast.

The longer I stare at that carpet the more hypnotic it appears… everything is spinning…

ri gal

Aww. All of you look lovely! :) <3
By the way, what happened Kate Pruitt? I wonder if I missed any post about her. :)

Grace Bonney

Thanks RI Gal,

We unfortunately had to consolidate our full-time team members to New York (for both budget and work flow purposes), so for right now Kate is working on other projects. We miss her and care about her very much though :)



Linus is so sweet! He looks like my pup, what breed is he?


Oh yes! Silka from Fishs Eddy. What a wonderful addition to the DS team. Hi Silka! -Amy


Thanks for having me and congrats to Silka – it’s been fun working with her so far!


Love Silka! So excited she will be keeping us posted. What a great addition to your team!


Congrats! I’ve been wanting to comment for months that I love that you have brought on Max (not that I don’t love the content by Grace and Amy), but Max’s posts have a different (maybe more youthful and easy tone) that have been a nice new energetic voice for this long-time D*S reader. It has helped renew me in my design thoughts and goals in the last six months.