March Instagram Challenge: Pet Photos!

We’ve been having so much fun with this year’s Instagram Challenges (Love Declarations and Knitting Projects), so when it came time to pick a theme for this month’s contest, it was a no-brainer: Pet Photos! We’re constantly snapping pics of our team pets (you can see a few below), and we’ve loved the photos you’ve shared with us already on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So this month we’d love for you to Instagram photos of YOUR family pets with their names included ON or IN the photo (#DSPETS). At the end of the month we’ll send our top picks a package with our favorite books about animals and a little treat for their pets. So snap away — we can’t wait to see all those furry (and fishy and feathery) faces! xo, grace

*Update: the winners will also get a West Elm gift card (they’ve got a new pet collection!)

Sara Gardner

We had a dreaded March blizzard in Minnesota, however my dog Zoe couldn’t contain her excitement! She loves a good snow day. This photo made me smile all week.


who needs an alarm clock?! the daily wake up call…. Zoe.

Grace Bonney

so cute, nicole!

to everyone commenting, please make sure you hashtag your pet pictures on instagram as #DSPETS so we can find them :)

**we will only be collecting submissions for the contest via instagram**



Is there a way to enter not using instagram? Not all of us are cool enough to have it yet…

jessica leath

Sorry to be annoying rule follower…when you say pet’s name “included ON or IN the photo” do you mean hashtagged or we need to incorporate the pet’s name in the actual photo?


Grace- When I first saw that picture of Tuck on Instagram my first thought was, “oh, the cutest picture of a cat, ever, has already been taken. I guess everyone else can stop now.” Thank you for having such an uplifting theme this month. Definitely makes these last weeks of winter more bearable!

Grace Bonney


it needs to be included ON the photo (hand written, using an app, or a little sign in the photo)


Grace Bonney


these are instagram only challenges for now, but we have a lot of other contests that aren’t instagram only. that said, it’s a free app that’s been great for the creative community and i highly recommend it :)



The dog in the top right corner of the second image… Any hints on the breed? That doggy looks exactly like my Annie, who was a stray, and we have no idea what she is and people ask us all the time.

Can’t wait to see all the pics!

Maxwell Tielman

Orlee— that’s my dog Linus! We’re actually in the same boat about his breed. We took him in as a stray, so we don’t really know what he is. People have suggested everything from bijon to maltese poodle.


How many photos am I allowed to post? It’s hard to choose one – I have 3 or 4 that I want to use if I’m allowed! :)