Living In: Monsoon Wedding

Mira Nair‘s films are widely acknowledged as some of the most emotionally powerful and visually stunning movies ever recorded. And for me, Monsoon Wedding was her most vivid and moving work. Set in Delhi, the film looks at the joyful and complicated ways in which one extended family relates to each other while preparing for a wedding. There aren’t enough descriptive words to accurately capture the range of saturated colors that fill every frame of the film. From vibrant marigold strands and pink and red gerbera daisies to rich green saris and beautiful brass tea trays, Monsoon Wedding is a visual feast from beginning to end. As inspiring as all of these visual details are (I’ve tried to re-create them as closely as I can below), what moved me most about this story were the love and deep connections within such a large and extended family. I come from a small family, and it always warms my heart to see a huge group of people celebrating each other so genuinely and passionately. Stay tuned for more Mira Nair love tomorrow — she’s inspired us so much that we decided to devote a Style Icon post to her, as well. xo, grace

*It looks like Monsoon Wedding is heading to Broadway, too!

Image above: 1. Marigold Strand $5+ | 2. Matta Scarves $120 each | 3. Danish Pendant $295 (I became obsessed trying to find the same pendant they had over their dining table. This was pretty close) | 4. Pink gerbera daisies $99.99 for 60 | 5. Handcrafted Indian Frame $65 | 6. Creamsicles (From one of my favorite scenes in the movie) | 7. Slippers $22 | 8. Ambassador Car | 9. Lakh earrings $7 | 10. Paint colors, left to right: Behr Red Passion, Benjamin Moore Evening Blue, Benjamin Moore Redstone, Benjamin Moore Yosemite Blue, Benjamin Moore Electric Orange | 11. Bangle Set $40 | 12. Henna Kit $12.99

Monsoon Wedding Credits

Director: Mira Nair
Production Design: Stephanie Carroll
Art Direction: Sunil Chhabra
Costume Design: Arjun Bhasin
Cinematography: Declan Quinn
Set Dresser: Ayesha Punvani

Image above, left to right: String Lights $17, Hanging Lantern $29.99, Wood Block Stamp $9, Umbrella $56, Bamboo Blinds $19.50 (I loved the set in the family’s living room), Red Gerbera Daisies $99 for 40, Robe $54, Tea Glasses 6 for $40, Red Nail Polish $13.65, Sarong $64

Deepali Kalia

I love this movie,it was the same time when we got married,this was our first date/date movie,we had an arranged marriage! what a timing.Till today we watch it every anniversary,it’s 10 years now…

Ruth Vallejos

I love her films. The worlds she makes on film are so complete I can practically smell and taste everything. Thanks for posting this!!!


The soundtrack is also great, one of my (very fond of dancing) toddler’s favorites.


I love Monsoon Wedding! The soundtrack is awesome too. Thanks for reminding me of the amazingness of this movie, I might have to go watch it again right now!

Beth (the quirky brunette)

Yes, thank you for reminding me to watch this film again – it’s scrumptiously directed and so atmospheric. And the secondary love story between PK and Alice is just … aaaah. Beautiful.

Thanks so much for featuring Monsoon Wedding in Living In … !


oen of my all time favorite movies. can’t wait to watch it again after your post!

Mira Nair

Your love for this movie fills my heart! Spread the word – goddess willing, we should soon be dancing and Di gong on stage!