Living In: Best in Show

If the phrase “God loves a terrier” doesn’t mean anything to you, I’ve got a movie you need to see. In honor of this month’s Family + Pets theme, we racked our brains thinking of the best movies that celebrate how special pets are in a family’s life. I can never handle movies where pets are hurt or lost, so I chose a film that is the happiest, funniest and most heart-warming celebration of fuzzy friends: Best in Show. A look inside the lives (canine and human) of those competing in the fictional Mayflower Dog Show, Best in Show is perhaps best known for the obsessive owners behind the adorable dogs. Parker Posey is an uptight Starbucks-drinking Weimaraner owner, Christopher Guest is a bloodhound owner who also happens to love ventriloquism and, my favorite, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are a couple so dedicated to their terrier that they record an album of terrier songs. No matter which couple or dog is your favorite, this is a film worth watching — and re-watching and re-watching. The laughs — and the cute dogs — just keep coming. Here’s to Busy Bee, Proud Mary and Loopy and Harlan Pepper who just couldn’t stop “namin’ nuts.” xo, grace

Image above: 1. Horn Rimmed Glasses $9.99 | 2. Norwich Terrier Rescue | 3. Hush Puppies $89 (Two left shoes, of course) | 4. Tiara $28 | 5. Earmuffs $38 | 6. Snow Peas $3.25 | 7. Bumble Bee Dog Toy $8.99 | 8. Popcorn Boxes $8 | 9. Tipped Blazer $248 (To go with your “Sophia Loren Persian Eye”) | 10. Macbook $940 | 11. Starbucks | 12. Merlot Sweater $40 | 13. Nametags $4.29

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Image above: 1. Field Coat $85 | 2. Stain Remover $6 | 3. Shih Tzu Calendar $7 | 4. Casablanca $4 | 5. Men’s Kimono $40 | 6. Opera Binoculars $40 | 7. Yellow Dog Raincoat $23 | 8. Hunting Hat $15 | 9. Ventriloquist Doll $93 | 10. Embroidered Rose Shirt $40 | 11. Show Lead $15 | 12. Dog Bone Frame $12


True Fact: I got my Norwich Terrier, Fritz, after watching “Best in Show”. I loved “Winky”, the show’s winner so much that I researched the breed ;-)


I watched this movie with my husband (his first time) the other night and we laughed so hard. Great pick. Harlan Pepper is my favorite.


Michael McKean singing Barbra Ellen over the phone to his Shih tzu . Classic.


Love this movie :) And thanks for linking to a dog rescue group!


Ohmigod this movie- so glad you featured it, it’s one of those you can just come back to and find something new to laugh at. I once worked for a couple who were just like the starbucks duo – right down to the weimaraner. If I ever got a dog the norwich terrier would be up there on my list.

On a side note I once waited for my coffee to come out with Christopher Guest next to me, I probably wouldn’t have recognized him had I not seen Jaime Lee Curtis in line. He asked me about my Americano and I was so flustered being a fan I just blabbed something about not having any cream.

Plein Jane

“He’s got two left feet. No, really. He’s got two left feet!”


This compilation is my favorite you have done to date. I especially love the addition of the snow peas. All it needs Persian eye makeup!


yes!!!! i love this movie and i love this post, especially the busy bee :)


best in show, featuring one of the greatest burns of all time:
“She looks like a cocktail waitress on an oil rig.”

This is one of my favorite movies. delighted to see it here.


As one who shows dogs….no really I do show my dogs and loved this movie!! It’s so much like showing dogs too! Some people may not agree with me, but I swear I’ve seen some of these characters in the many years I’ve going to dog shows.

Grace Bonney


i went to the westminster show for the first time this year and totally agree. i spotted a few owners who reminded me of the cast ;)



I went to Westminster for my 50th birthday. It was sooo great. My favorite line of “Best In Show”, “He didn’t say a word.” Remember that?

Enzo Baker

Living In is one of favorite things on the whole internet and Best on Show is one of my favorite movies…a match made in heaven. The only thing that’s missing is some soup.


Yea! Great choice. So funny and well put together. Thank you.


Great movie! and my Norwich Terrier, Ruby puts on a show here at home, always the best!!! A very fun companion!!


Ha ha, the merlot sweater! For some reason that’s one of the things I remember best about this movie.