Kitty Jewelry from Bittersweets New York

by Amy Azzarito

Photographs by Maxwell Tielman

I consider this a safe space, so I’ll admit here that it’s a little ridiculous, but I feel about bracelets how Carrie Bradshaw felt about shoes. So when I saw my favorite silhouette turned into a ring at Catbird, I suggested — first to them and later to Bittersweets NY — that it would make a wonderful bracelet. Luckily, no one thought I was crazy (or at least they didn’t say so directly), and Robin agreed to give it a go. I’m completely obsessed with the result and plan to live on a strict budget for the next few weeks, if that’s what it takes to advertise my kitty love to the world. 

Robin Adams founded Bittersweets NY in 2002. After art school, Robin felt like her only marketable skill was welding, so she looked in the phone book for foundries. Robin turned to making jewelry when she realized that living in New York City wasn’t conducive to the large-scale sculptures that she loved. Instead, she decided to make tiny wearable sculptures. Robin credits her foundry experience with giving her the stamina she needed to sit at a jewelry bench all day. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Kitty Bracelet, 14K Yellow Gold, $350

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Image above: Kitty Ring, $150

Though Robin is now a pet mom to a Dutch rabbit named Ferdinand (a.k.a. Bun), when she was growing up in Los Angeles, her family had three of their own cats while also feeding the neighborhood strays. Robin comes by her love of cats honestly; her grandmother was known by her grandchildren as the “cat lady” because she was so passionate about cats. I’m crazy about my own cats and love the idea of wearing a little something to remind me of them every day.

Image above: Kitty Rings, $150

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