JuJu by Graham & Brown

Last weekend in Brooklyn it got up to 55 degrees outside, and it felt like spring was finally here. Sadly the temperatures have started to dip again, but that little glimmer of hope had me checking trees up and down my block to spot signs of growth. All those tiny buds starting to open made me feel alive inside again, and all I can think about is spring cleaning and redecorating. Every year I swap out a few winter blankets and pillows for brighter colors, and this wallpaper from Graham & Brown is just the vibe I’m looking for. Designed by Jeanine Hays, this new pattern was inspired by traditional Cameroon Juju hats and celebrates the bright pieces of plumage that decorate each one. This pink colorway is my favorite, but it also comes in a purple and black and white. If you’ve got a room that needs a serious punch of pattern and color, click here to check out this style online ($185 per roll). xo, grace

Jeanine Hays

Thank you so much Grace for featuring our Juju Wallpaper Collection on your blog today. Glad to hear you like the pink and silver. That’s my favorite too!


The wallpaper is truly lovely! I also would like to know where you found that adorable ceramic zebra. Where can I get one?! :)