Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day: Clovers in Design

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to round up some clover-themed home goods that suit the holiday. From classic clover patterns to vintage marquee signs and wax seals, this roundup features over 35 clover designs that are perfect for setting the St. Patrick’s Day theme. I especially love the modern print above — it’s a great take on traditional imagery and sayings. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Vintage Alexander Girard Panel at 1stDibs | 2. Clover Table Lamp, $2600 | 3. We Are the Lucky Ones Print, $18 | 4. Shamrock Marquee Light, $249 | 5. Lucky Plate, $15 | 6. Candle Cover, $6 | 7. Clover Table, $738 | 8. Clover Hat Pin at 1st Dibs | 9. Clover iPad Case, $42 | 10. Clover Charm, $16 | 11. Judy Ross Clover Rug

Image above, clockwise from top left: Vintage Clover Bowl, $50 | Edible Shamrocks, 200 for $239 | Gold Clover Art, $46 | Clover Brooch, $28

Image above, clockwise from top left: Clover Locket, $44 | St. Patrick’s Manicure How-toMagazine Holder, $12 | Vintage Hankies, $8,

Image above: Clover Stencil How-to

Image above: Clover Stencil, $34

Image above: Clover Mini Mirrors, $35

Image above: 1. Clover Fabric, $18 per yard | 2. Clover Mirror, $127 | 3. Clover Necklace, $37 | 4. Indian Clover Fabric, $18 per yard | 5. Clover Light, $462 | 6. Lucky Mirror, $69

Image above: 1. Wax Seal Kit, $20 | 2. Clover Stamp, $3 | 3. Sconce with Clover Mirror, $440 | 4. Clover Paperweight, $60 | 5. Clover Lamp, $160 | 6. Clover Floor Lamp, $1260

Image above: Clover Stamp, $4

Image above: Clover Mirror, $1235

Katie O'Keefe

I love the clover inspiration! My favorite being the mirror. I honesty love green, and love that St. Patrick’s brings a good excuse to use it, but I also love the unconventional colors like the turquoise and the red.


Thank you for including my nails in your clover round up! I am loving the edible shamrocks, personally.

Alba R

What i really like about this round-up is that green is not the only color feature. Great job!


The stencils and most of these shapes are quatrefoils, commonly found in ancient roman and greek architecture. This is a design blog so you should probably specify. Their symbolism reads heavily to those cultures, not to Ireland.


How awesome is Alder & Co.! I ordered the Clover Brooch on Tuesday afternoon (12th), and it arrived in Massachusetts today (15th). It is gorgeous!


The clover is my favorite shape! What a fun post to read. Thank u for including my Clover Stencil How To photo and link to see how to do it!! I just blogged about your site today!-Shosh