Human/House/Harvey: Holi Hued

Holi Hued, Human House Harvey
With the Spring Equinox happening this past week, I can’t help but get swept up in all of the color that is blooming around me. This time of year is notorious for a sudden burst of color from the muted tones of winter. The Hindu culture participates in a literal “burst” of color with their annual Holi festival that commemorates the beginning of the spring season with colorful, scented powder, bonfires, and celebrations. So with Holi starting on March 27 this year, I thought I would find some items for me, my home and my pup in honor of the festival’s colorful hue. I hope you, too,  are able to enjoy some vibrant colors of the season wherever you are! –Stephanie

HUMAN – I’m a sucker for mixed textures.  This clutch is a funky mix of styles that blend into one very unique clutch, with a vibrant punch of color, and a special story.

HOUSE – There is something about the style of rough sketches and outlines that draws my eye.  I found this elephant pillow both aesthetically interesting and beautifully colored in this watercolor pattern.

HARVEY – During Holi, many don beautiful garlands of flowers to celebrate the freshness of spring.  I love the idea of encircling yourself in flowers, and thought I would help my Mr. Harvey do the same with this colorful floral collar in traditional Holi colors.