Human/House/Harvey: Green

Human House Harvey, greenMy favorite color is green — always has been and probably always will be. When I was a kid, I wanted everything in green: pens, lollipops, clothes, my bedroom walls. As I’ve grown, my love for the color has slowly transformed into a love of nature and all that is fresh and alive around us. Now I surround myself with succulents, green leaf wreathes and the occasional bling of an emerald jewel — it is my birthstone, after all. So today, to pay homage to a fabulous color and the upcoming holiday that celebrates it (St. Patty’s Day), I thought I would round up other wonderful green-hued items for myself, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie

HUMAN — Since green is my favorite color, I thought it was only appropriate to pick two items for myself. You can never have enough green in your life, and I just LOVE these green suede boots and camper backpack. Now if only I had a little more green in my wallet to buy them both…

HOUSE — This is my theory on clocks: the bigger they are and the more there are, the better. Whether it is my obsession with time or just a love of symmetry, I love having several clocks adorning the walls of my home. This mint green one would look amazing in a kitchen or entryway.

HARVEY — It’s just not a celebration without a dog bow tie, am I right? My Mr. Harvey has donned a few in his day, but we may need one more to get the St. Patty’s Day festivities going, and this one is just right!


That clock is gorgeous! I love really big clocks too and just got a huge wooden one for my office- I feel like it makes me more productive :)
The bow tie is super cute too- I just started making bow ties for humans, but may have to branch into dogs soon as well!


i have that clock! i’ve had it for years, actually – it’s super. :)