Hello, Plum Magnets

In addition to St. Patrick’s Day, we’re still focusing on our main themes of the month: pets & family. I’ve been working on some DIY monogram projects coming up next week, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for unexpected ways to celebrate family names and initials in product form. These little clay magnets and tags from Hello, Plum are hand-stamped and can be customized to match any letter that’s special to you. They’d make sweet magnets for a family fridge (with each family member’s name) or for the front of a metal office door to spell a company’s name. Click here to check them out and order online (sets are from $6–$12). xo, grace

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Love! I literally just clicked to buy.
These will be perfect in my new home, seeing as how I cant justify the effort to make them myself. These are done so much better than I ever could haha
I asked to split the initials for me and the hubs.


Dare I say it: these look like they would be fun and simple to make. They are flipping adorable!