Hangover Cures: Tips from The Creative Community

by Maxwell Tielman

This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ve seen endless Facebook and Twitter updates from people planning all sorts of celebrations. I’m not a big drinker (I don’t really drink at all), but I’m always intrigued by the various shades of green beer floating around St. Patrick’s Day parties. What do they use to turn it green? Is it natural? Does it taste good? I’ll probably never know the answers to these questions because I don’t think I’ll be trying any, but I do know that some of my friends will. So in honor of the tough Monday mornings they possibly have ahead of them, we thought it would be fun to round up some hangover cures. Whether you’re indulging in a few green beers or just want tips for another time, there are some really interesting ideas here. From Johnny Battles’ cantaloupe and ginger ale concoction to Nina Zilka’s “plate of bacon” theory, there are plenty of techniques to try, should you need them. Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday and, if you’re drinking, please be sure to do so responsibly and have a designated driver. xo, grace

*These ideas are not intended as medical advice but are personal suggestions from the individuals listed.

Max: “Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! After a night of heavy drinking, be sure to drink a big ol’ bottle of water before you go to bed. Like, one of those monster-sized ones. Several glasses of water will do, too.”

Grace: “I’m the resident teetotaler, and I’ve only overdone it once or twice in my life. But each time I was greatly helped by giant containers of coconut water and/or water with an Emergen-C packet.”

Amy: “I try to think prevention. Drinking water while drinking alcohol does wonders, but for those times that prevention goes out the window, I take Advil, drink coconut water and eat a larger breakfast than normal (since I live next door to a bagel shop, this usually means a bagel and cream cheese). Then I just wait it out. Staying in bed helps.”

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Johnny Battles, Sweeteeth Chocolate: “Half a cantaloupe washed down with a ginger ale and OJ mixer!”

Sarah Brysk Cohen, Blossom & Branch: “Huevos rancheros with lots of hot sauce.”

Lauren Festine, Senior Interactive Designer at Anthropologie: “The best thing you can do is not mix your colors. Clear, yellow, or brown — stick to one. But if you must mix, or forget, then eat plain carbs before bed. Leave the fried stuff to the AM. Nothing does magic like plain whole-wheat toast or pita before hitting the sheets. Too much effort? Try Mercy drink elixir.

David J. Krause, co-founder of Alder New York: “My hangover cure is to totally pig out! Eat pizza and drink soda to your heart’s content! It’s the only thing that makes me feel better. Until I get on a scale!””

Nina Zilka, co-founder of Alder New York: “100% a Bloody Mary and a big plate of bacon. Meat and alcohol and then the longest nap possible.”

Connor Lesniak, Graphic Designer: “My hangovers are at least partly cured by fried potatoes and breakfast foods. I kid you not when I say that homefries, French fries, tater tots or those fritter hashbrowns from a certain fast-food establishment will do the trick! But give me a baked potato, and not a bit of difference will be made . . . ”

Daniel Wiggins, Graphic Designer: “My hangover cure is the Eggs Benedict and the Jalapeño Cheese Grits from the Smith and an ice cold Coke (from a can). Nothing brings me back to life after a night out than that!”

Julie Mollo, Fashion Designer: “After a long night, I stumble up the 50 stairs to my apartment, drink a glass of water and eat a big bowl of popcorn. I drop my party dress and pumps at my front door, crawl into my bed and sleep. In the morning, if I don’t feel 100%, I call Bergen Bagels for the ultimate sandwich (veggie burger on a toasted whole-wheat everything bagel with lettuce, onion & sundried tomato cream cheese). You can always power through a design day after that!”

Logan Hendrickson, Furniture Designer at One Forty Three: “I try really hard to avoid getting a hangover at all because the worst one I had was EPIC (“never forget”), and I usually work every weekend. But what I do is I just usually stick with beer all night or at least end with beer and try and drink as much water as I can afterwards. If however, I’m not feeling so great in the morning a breakfast of spam, rice and eggs from a local Hawaiian restaurant seems to be a good hangover remedy for me.”

Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul: “My best hangover cure is greasy fast food like McD. Don’t know why but I swear I feel much better after a burger, shake and some fries. Beats drinking raw eggs and stuff, right?”

Matt from Wood & Faulk:  “Go to Pine State Biscuits, order the Reggie, coffee and glass of OJ. Take 6 hour nap immediately afterwards.”

Ashley English: “Nux Vomica (it’s a homeopathic remedy that works like a charm on hangovers) and V-8 or tomato juice, which replaces electrolytes and minerals lost when consuming alcohol.”

Sara Jensen, Designer: “Having two five year olds is a cure. But a greasy burger or breakfast burrito cures all hangovers.”

Ashley Goldberg, Designer (and former bar tender): “Mine isn’t quite a cure as much as it is the preemptive route. It’s drink a big glass of water and take ibuprofen right before bed. Don’t trust drunk you to remember to do it? Before going out for the night put the h2o and ibuprofen your night stand.”

Tammy from Banquet Atelier: ” think the cure I’ve used most successfully is one you must start while still drinking! Before bed take 2 extra strength Advils with a huge glass of water. If you wake up and still feel disgusting go to the nearest Szechuan or Dim Sum restaurant immediately. You must have a coke while eating!”

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  • Great advice! I find that the orange drink from McDonalds (ordered in the largest size possible), is a great hangover remedy. It’s both hydrating and easy on a weak stomach.

  • Eggs, orange juice, and plenty of water. In theory there’s nothing wrong with having a shot of vodka as part of a Bloody Mary to lift the hangover slightly. Make it spicy tomato juice along with a stick of celery, then have an omelette. Herbal teas such as mint and ginger will also soothe your brain, rehydrate you, and ease your nausea.

    I used all of the above during my student days, although I don’t drink much anymore so hangovers aren’t much of an issue, thankfully.

  • There’s no way I can eat anything when I have a hangover. After a night of drinking, I try to remember to drink twice the amount of water as I did alcohol. If I still feel crummy the next morning, I slam as much soothing herbal tea and kombucha as I can. Kombucha is a great digestive ailment tamer and helps detox the liver. All this, lots of sleep, and cuddling with my cat, and I’m good to go.

  • It’s all about preventing the hangover. A hangover is dehydration. Drinking water alone usually doesn’t cut it so make sure to get some electrolytes and eat something to soak up the alcohol in your stomach. You can make your own electrolyte drink or just buy Gatorade, etc. As someone who’s had multiple bouts of dehydration in the last year due to extreme heat (hot summer and no A/C) I’ve learned that if I go to bed feeling a little wonky than the next day will be hell.

  • Waking up to hear my husband in the kitchen fixing breakfast while singing “She kissed all the cowboys and shot out all the lights” .

  • I’m lucky enough to not get very many hangovers these days. but I remember from the college days that these commenters are right on! Water, water, water during the alcohol consumption, at the end of the night, and the next day. And get some greasy carbohydrate rich food in your belly if you can stomach it. Green beer tastes just like regular beer. It’s most definitely not natural, straight up food coloring goodness.

  • I usually only stalk DS during my lunch break at work while I usually munch on my salad… However today im all kinds of hungover. Scrolling down and reading these while I pigged out on a hoggie and a Redbull was AMAZING. Love

  • Related to Ashley’s advice of V-8, a tomato-brothy Filipino soup called Sinigang does wonders for a post-hangover breakfast. Or go for a big bowl of Pho for a similar magical effect.

  • My foolproof hangover prevention method is drinking Pedilyte (the children’s electrolyte drink) before bed. If that doesn’t do the trick, a big plate of eggs, home fries and as much sriracha as I can stand. Wash it down with carbonated water.

  • In southern California, menudo is the hangover cure-all. You see it available specifically on Satuday and Sunday mornings at restaurants.

  • I rarely drink enough to cause a hangover, but when I do, a big glass of Emergen-C with 2 Aleve before bed always does the trick.

  • Ha Logan Harrison! We’re totally considering a line of “never forget” jewelry to remind ourselves not to drink so much after horrible, epic hangovers not so long ago. After years of little children, we cannot hang, lo we cannot hang.

  • Giant fountain soda with the widest straw you can find and fried potato of any variety. Preferably, have someone go get these things for you while you lay in bed.

  • Always remember 1.Hydration + electrolytes 2.Carbs 3.SUGAR!
    My morning after a big one is normally a Powerade and Vegemite toast if I’m feeling sickly and then a lemonade or a coke with a bigger lunch, the bubbles in the lemonade are perfect for my usually poor gag reflex.

  • As something of a professional drinker, I feel obligated to pass along how bad of an idea it is to mix booze and painkillers. Ibuprofen can lead to stomach tears and acetaminophen can freak out your liver. Granted, IANAD, but better safe than sorry.

  • Coke.pizza.pizza.coke. the hangover is not the worst part for me, the question is if I had time to sleep. Sleep cures everything. Oh and coffee.

  • Sometimes I am so hung over drinking water is a no no, so get a super tall glass of crushed ice and finish it off then by the time you’ve eaten all that get something greasy like fries and lots of ginger ale. I’ve chips are always my go to when hung over

  • The best preventative for a hangover is B complex vitamins + water + food. I have used this method successfully for many years.

    The most important two being B complex (that your body needs to metabolize alcohol, among other things) & water (to prevent dehydration).

  • I drank a bottle of whisky last night, and i feel totally fine today, water will do the trick! I mean A LOT OF WATER, as one tip said, before i fell asleep i drank about 10 glasses of water, woke up a bit later, drank some more water.
    Got back in bed. It’s incredible how dehydrating alcohol is, because i still seem a bit dehydrated, but no head ache!

    As a plus, i read that a recent “study” show that the best food the day after is a bacon sandwitch , lots of protein.

  • Greasy food/Eggs…..soda and lots of water!!! Greasy food seems to soak up the alcohol for me…..definitely need to start trying to prevent feeling this way in the future!! Ugh….

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