Getting Ready for Game Night!

The best part of growing up in a family with four kids was the massive game closet that inevitably develops as a result of birthdays and holidays. And now that we’re all grown up, get-togethers still aren’t complete unless there is at least one deck of cards on hand. Even now, my siblings (and their spouses) and I tend to be a wee bit competitive — doesn’t everyone trash talk while playing gin? We’re always looking for new games to play. If you miss the game-playing days of your youth, there’s no time like the present to bring them back. Max designed a fun (and non-trash-talking) game party that’s coming up next! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: 1. Mini Chess & Checkers Set, $19.49 | 2. Artisan Playing Cards, $6.95 | 3. Main Street Classics, 6-in-1 Game Set, $15.90 | 4. Black Magic Playing Cards, $12.99 | 5. The Frick Collection Playing Cards, $22 | 6. Monopoly Nostalgia Tin, $29.99 | 7. Fredericks & Mae Dominos, $80

More games after the jump . . .

Image above: 1. Best Made Co. Playing Cards, $8 | 2. Wooden Pick-up Sticks, $16.99 | 3. Helveticards, $8 | 4. Travel Four in a Row, $12 | 5. History of Art Playing Cards, $15 | 6. Clue Library Classic, $52.99 | 7. Typography Scrabble (available for preorder)

Image above: Fredericks & Mae Marbles, $40

Image above: Typographic Chess Set, £275

Image above: Travel Backgammon, $320


I have always loved playing games! Definitely need to have a game night this weekend. :-)

Jill Simpson

I am a game fanatic (thanks to growing up in a similar family that still plays games regularly). These are beautiful selections. Thanks!

Ashley Johnson


I bought my boyfriend a chess board for Christmas a few years back, as we both want to learn how to play. We have yet to do anything with it. Do you know of a good resource that will teach us how to play chess, without boring us to death or making us feel like major geeks (not that there’s anything wrong with geeks)? Chess can be super cool. Go chess!

Let me know if you have any suggestions.



Oooh YAY I love Game Night! Less Nostalgic and Classic Games that I love are Quelf, Dominon, Carcassone and Charades! Can’t hate on Charades!