EZC Playing Cards

If I’ve learned anything from studying the Decorative Arts, it’s that the most functional objects are often the most beautiful. Whether it’s a Peter Behrens daylight factory or a De Stijl chair, objects that are reduced to their most essential, elemental forms show the artistry of their construction and the inherent beauty of bare materials. If the object works well, that’s a beautiful thing in itself. Although they’re no Wainwright building, these EZC playing cards are a wonderful example of modern architect Louis Sullivan’s famous dictum, “Form follows function.” Created for the visually impaired, these stunning cards are true to their name. With simple, bold-colored backgrounds and large sans-serif typography, EZC cards are not only easy to see, but also a sight to see. I discovered these swanky little guys while researching last week’s Parlor Game Party, and I snatched them up right away. Though it was pretty difficult to find any background information about their design, one could easily imagine a similar deck being designed by modernist designers like Massimo Vignelli or Josef Müller-Brockmann. Check out more photos of these little lovelies after the jump! — Max


Hello Design Spongers,

These cards look great! You brought back my love for card games ever since the post about the parlour games. I really like to sit down with family and friends and play a round of Elevator (its like a simple version of skat).

Very inspiring! Thanks!

Thats why I couldnt hold back, but feature you on my todays post: 8 blogs that rock. Although I am sure there is hardly anyone out there who doesnt like your work ;)

Anyway, I thought I let you know! Happy weekend

Jason Lazzara

These cards look great but would not work for serious players. The huge difference in face color would be too easy to spot.


There are some very similar cards featured in Victor Papanek’s book Design for Human Scale in the 80s as cards “designed for those with low vision” – no idea who designed them of course, but I wonder if they are? sweet find either way