Entertaining: Easter Egg Decorating Party

Although the gifting of decorated eggs is typically associated with Easter, the tradition dates back to before the birth of Christianity. Originally meant as a symbol of springtime rebirth and fertility, the decorated egg has witnessed a long and culturally diverse history. It’s no wonder why. As a form, the egg is one of nature’s most beautiful — a perfectly curved orb that is both fragile and strong enough to protect its precious cargo. As a canvas, it’s the perfect surface on which to apply color and ornament. From traditional dyes to fibrous threads, each material seems almost perfectly suited to the egg’s iconic shape. Perhaps because of its small size or its lovely curving form, the egg accepts almost any embellishment beautifully.

To carry on this yearly tradition of egg decoration, we hosted a small Easter workshop at our office this week. Each of the 15 guests was given an assortment of pre-blown eggs and free range with an array of craft materials including colored strings, dyes, pressed flowers, cut fabrics, glitter, stickers and paint. Although we had an inspiration board filled with various egg designs (or an egg-spiration board, as we like to call it) and a few example eggs of our own, all of our guests wowed us with their creativity and originality, proving yet again how versatile and beautiful the egg can be. To see some of our favorite eggs and all of the photos of this fabulous event, continue after the jump! — Max

Above image: Some of our egg decorating supplies included wax crayons, colored string, magazine pages for decoupaging and pressed flowers.

Above image: We created an inspiration board for our guests by hanging a large sheet of natural linen fabric on our wall and affixing print-outs and creative materials to it with sewing pins.

Above image: Some of our guests’ beautiful egg work. The look on the left was accomplished by drawing a design onto the egg with glue and then affixing silver leaf on top of it.

Above image: Some of the favorite materials at our event were metallic Sharpie markers. Just look at the beautiful golden details you can get with them!

Above image: Amy’s beautiful egg design, achieved by simply drawing tiny circles onto an egg with a colored marker.

Above image: Another simple yet beautiful project. Clippings of flower photographs adhered to dyed eggs.

Above image: One of my favorite egg designs was actually remarkably simple. By crosshatching black crayon onto a bare white egg, one of our guests was able to achieve this minimal, textured feel.

Above image: This beautiful little “frame” element was achieved by submerging part of the egg into dye to create a colored oval. Metallic and black markers were used for the text and embellishments.


Such a cute idea! I love the creativity of the egg designs. I think we will be decorating eggs here this weekend.

Heidi Fahrenbacher

I love decorating Easter eggs! I don’t even have children, but have my nieces and nephews come over. Those blue and green eggs half way through are so vibrant! I’ll have to try the Sharpie technique. Thanks for the inspiration.


I love how different everyone’s eggs are! Thank you so much – it was such a fun morning!

Grace Bonney

hi elvira

we actually did! silka did a few herself, but it was really involved so most people chose faster techniques ;)



These designs are lovely. I can’t wait to get crafty now at the weekend. Very inspirational. Thank you!


Such creativity! Now that I’m seeing this post, I’m realizing just about every egg I’ve pinned on pinterest can be traced back to this d*s party! What I wouldn’t give to pick this group of creative brains!

Alex M. from HP Supplies

These are amazing, I want a tea party to make these all day. Is that wrong coming from a 28 year old male? Honestly, I do get so silly at times. I seem to remember doing something similar to this when I was at Primary School 20 years ago – we used to decorate eggs then, and we’d do the old “Egg and Spoon” race during sports day. Look at me getting all nostalgic.

linda facci

I attended the party and it was an eggciting day. Everyone’s eggs were eggstra special and they can’t be beat. Mine came out eggactly as I wanted. I crack myself up sometimes…


Such great ideas! Love the sharpies and the silver leaf! Perhaps I’ll be inspired enough to start blowing out some eggs to save our handiwork!


What a beautiful and inspiring post. I’m so glad you mention that the decorate egg has long been a symbol of springtime rebirth and fertility. Indeed, in a tradition dating many thousands of years, decorated eggs are part of the still-life spread called “HaftSeen” that is created for the Persian New Year – the first day of spring – and are included precisely as a symbol of fertility.

IF you’re interested, I made an illustrated guide of what goes into the Haftseen tableau and the symbols it represents: http://figandquince.com/2013/03/19/haft-seen-persian-new-year-norooz/


These are beautiful! I especially love the eggs decorated with pressed flowers and leaves. I’ll have to try that for Easter!